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06/30/08 Warrior’s Society News

In this issue:

1. Santiago Oaks General Development Plan Meeting July 2nd

2. Team La Ruta / Sho-Air / Economy Rent A Car ready for the BC Bike Race in Canada


A public meeting to review and discuss the Santiago Oaks Regional Park final General Development Plan Update is scheduled on Wednesday, July 2 at 6:30 p.m. at the Santiago Oaks Regional Park Conference Room. The plan includes a listing of authorized trails within the park.

This document is in final draft form, pending approval by the County of Orange Board of Supervisors. It can be accessed at the bottom of the following web page:

E-mail comments can be sent to through Friday, July 11, 2008.

An updated trails map is currently being produced and will be available at the meeting.

Marisa O’Neil
(714) 973-6870
Public Affairs Specialist
County of Orange


Team Sho-Air in partnership with La Ruta de Los Conquistadores and Economy Rent a Car is pleased to announce that they will be entering two of their top endurance riders in this years B.C. Race. After a strong finish at the ’07 La Ruta and currently top 10 overall in the 2008 N.M.B.S. Series Manual Prado, Orange County local and 2008 top finisher in the Warrior’s Society Vision Quest, and Mavin Campos; former 2003 La Ruta Champion will be competing in the ultra challenging Canadian Stage Race in the province of British Columbia. Prado and Campos will be competing in the “Elite” men’s duo category. This is one of the two team classes they have for the stage race this year in order to ensure safety and promote camaraderie. In this category, the two riders must remain together for the duration of the race. This won’t be hard to do as the Costa Rican duo has trained and raced together for the past 3 years. The duo arrived early to practice and ride the local British Columbia local trails, which has helped the Ticos’ to learn the technical skills needed in order to ride well in the 7 day stage race. Day 1 starts in Victoria and day 7 ends in the famous MTB town of Whistler.

A lengthy race such as this puts major wear and tear on equipment, but the Specialized Epic bikes the team will be riding just got a complete overhaul with new tires, Shimano XTR drive trains and brakes service courtesy of Rock N’ Road Cyclery.

The race will take off on June 28th and finishes on July 4th. Their fitness levels will be put to the test immediately, with the first two stages (Days 1 and 2) stretching more than 200 kilometers. The next 4 stages average 70 kilometers per day, with the final stage being a technical 47 kilometer ride in the town of Whistler place were all the trails are to say the very least the most technical in North America.

It appears that Manuel and Marvin will be facing some tough competition. This exciting event has attracted some of the most talented riders in the world. Amongst the pros at the start line will be 6 time 24 Hour Solo World Champion Chris Eatough, Trans Rockies Champion Andreas Hestler, top NORBA riders Max Plaxton, Kris Sneddon, Barry Wicks, and Canadian National Champion and Olympian Seamus MacGrath. With seven days to prove themselves, there will be many chances for any of the talented duo Teams to come out ahead and declare themselves as champions of the BC Bike Race.

Good luck to Team La Ruta / Sho-Air / Economy Rent A Car duo Manuel Prado and Marvin Campos on one of the most epic rides of their lives.

To check daily results please go to:

Shimano is the Major Component Sponsor of the Warrior’s Society

Rock N Road Bike Shops, Sho-Air Racing, El Pollo Loco and Switchback Cyclery are Major Sponsors of the Warrior’s Society

Clif Bar is the Official Energy Bar and Gel of the Warrior’s Society

The Warrior’s Society is a Blue Ribbon Coalition (BRC) affiliated organization

The Warrior’s Society is a Tax Exempt Organization under 501 (c) 4 of the IRS Code

“Far better it is to dare mighty dreams, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take the ranks with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in that gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat!”

Theodore Roosevelt

6/22/08 Warrior’s Society Weekly News

In this issue:

1. Thanks to all of you who helped to raise over $12,000 for charity by participating in our events

2. Sierra Cycle Challenge 2008 to support disabled sports

3. Stewards of the Sequoia June News


We did the final accounting and “The Traverse” raised $6,026.60 for the Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund and the Toad Festival raised $6,642.00 for Talk About Curing Autism Now (TACA).

The Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund honors the bravery and dedication exhibited by Americans in our Armed Forces who have sacrificed life or limb defending our country by providing educational scholarships to their children:

TACA has been VERY important in helping parents navigate the world of autism – education, therapy, biomedical information and emotional support.

TACA provides emergency financial assistance to families with a child with autism to cover costs associated with housing, utilities, automobile repair, insurance premiums, food, medical care, prescriptions, daycare, and other items.

Thanks again for your support of these very worthy charities!


Mammoth Lakes, CA
Sunday, July 27th – Tuesday, July 29th

Help Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra raise much needed funds for a worthy program, while having an amazing time cycling in the Sierra!
DSES knows that outdoor challenges change people’s lives. Every pedal stroke will bring dollars and awareness to our students and their needs. There will be superb support (including a ride up anything too challenging) to make this your most memorable ride ever.

Day One: Mammoth Lakes to Benton Hot Springs ~ 50 miles
Eat incredible food and soak in the steaming hot tubs under the stars on your first night of this epic journey through the Sierra.

Day Two: Benton Hot Springs to Grant Lake ~ 50 miles
Boat and fish in Grant Lake after cycling to the scenic June Lake Loop Road. Camp out by the lake and enjoy gourmet meals!

Day Three: Grant Lake to Mammoth Lakes ~ 35 miles
Celebrate your good deed and bask in the feeling of knowing that YOU made a difference that will touch many people with disabilities!

Your fundraising goal for this awesome three day adventure is $1,000 with a prize for the top contributor! Pack your camping gear and COME JOIN THE FUN! Call: 760.934.0791 or email


Welcome to Stewards Trail News designed to keep Sequoia trail lovers informed, connected & effective


The snow has finally melted & the Forest Service & volunteers have cleared & opened the trails


A year ago the Sequoia Forest released their poorly thought out Notice of Intent (NOI) & Proposed Action to close over 500 miles of existing roads & trails in the Sequoia National Forest:

At that time the Sequoia told us that all our trails would be considered & reviewed before they released the Draft EIS. At our 5/19/08 meeting with Forest service the Supervisor reiterated that the NOI was done poorly, but also stated that she thought her staff would not have time to review as much as 80% of the trails before they released the DEIS this August. She noted she might or might not close trails that had not been reviewed. Eleven Million dollars of your Green Sticker funds were given to the Forests in California to help them do a thorough & complete job. Now they are rushing to meet a self imposed deadline & do not have the time. We are glad to see that some staff are out reviewing the trails but fear that this may be too little too late.

The Sequoia Forest needs to hear from each & every one of you demanding that all trails be reviewed & where problems are found mitigation measures be identified to keep them open. They need to take the time to do a complete job, not a rush job. Politely call Supervisor Tina Terrel at 559 784-1500 or email

Once these trails are closed they will not be re-opened. Please take action now.


Regrettably a not unusual twist of regulations intended to protect Archeological Sites may have other effects. Steward’s volunteers clear many trees each spring to prevent people from straying off the trail into a possible Archeological site, as well as prevent erosion to protect the environment. Unfortunately the Forest must file Archeological papers on each trail prior to allowing our volunteers to clear downed trees to protect any possible Arch sites which may or may not exist. They lack the personnel to do this at this time. Stewards continue to work with the Forest to resolve this so we can clear the trails.


Many of you are probably aware of this sad situation. Hundreds of thousands of people have lost a great place to recreate responsibly. Fortunately Friends of the Clear Creek Management Area:

& others are working to re-open the area. Please help them out if you enjoy that area & please consider donating to the groups who are preserving your access in other areas you do recreate in. The best way to keep areas open is to help them before they are closed.



You have probably heard that. You may have even said it yourself. Are you aware that you can be fined up to $5000 for riding on closed trails? Can you take that kind of risk? Will it be fun to always be looking over your shoulder?

Many people have said this is WAR, but in War you fight the battles. The battles are being fought right now & we need your help. Once the trails are closed it is too late & riding trails illegally will not only be costly, but provide ammunition for closure advocates to close even more trails.

If you are willing to risk a $5000 fine, which does nothing for the trails, then please give something now to actually help keep them open.

Don’t miss the battle. Join in now:

STEWARDS OF THE SEQUOIA HAVE HIRED A CONSULTING FIRM to help us keep our trails open to multiple use, which costs big money.
Your tax deductible donations are needed to fund this important project.

If you recreate in Sequoia then please consider donating at least the price of a cheap meal to help fund the Stewards efforts to help keep your trails open:

Besides helping keep the trails open Stewards paid members now receive special discounts from restaurants, camping, sporting goods, NOTOIL & more


We need to put preserving OHV recreation on the front burner with legislators & others. In just one hour you can make huge difference. So check out the 5 minute video at:

This is a easy & effective way to exercise your power as a voter.


It is with great sadness that we report to you the Olympic National Park Service is evicting the Tinkham family from their home on Lake Crescent in Olympic National Park.
Tom Tinkham, a long time volunteer for the Park Service, and his family are being evicted on Thursday, May 29th after the Park Service promised a 25 year use and occupancy when they purchased the Tinkham property in 2006, yet fail to honor their promise. Instead the Park Service has decided to evict them after only two years.

The only reason the Tinkham’s sold was because they wanted to help the Park Service with a new trail & were promised a 25 year use and occupancy permit.
They were offered far more money for their home from a neighbor, Dick Kott.

Stewards have submitted a letter to legislators asking them to stop this outrage committed by the Park Service. Another reason why we do not want the Park Service to take over management of the Giant Sequoia Monument.

Please sign our petition to stop the National Park from taking over Sequoia management.

Shimano is the Major Component Sponsor of the Warrior’s Society

Rock N Road Bike Shops, Sho-Air Racing, El Pollo Loco and Switchback Cyclery are Major Sponsors of the Warrior’s Society

Clif Bar is the Official Energy Bar and Gel of the Warrior’s Society

The Warrior’s Society is a Blue Ribbon Coalition (BRC) affiliated organization

The Warrior’s Society is a Tax Exempt Organization under 501 (c) 4 of the IRS Code

“Far better it is to dare mighty dreams, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take the ranks with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in that gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat!”

Theodore Roosevelt

06/16/08 Warrior’s Society Weekly News

In this issue:

1. Toad Festival Wrap-up

2. Bob “Howls At The Moon” McCarter – My experience at the Toad Festival

3. Switchback Cyclery to host a Woman’s only riding clinic this Saturday June 21st

4. March of Dimes Race for Babies


The wrap-up on the Toad Festival can be found on our web site at:

Thanks again to all our sponsors, support personnel and event participants who have made our 2008 Series of events a success!


2008 Warrior’s Society Toad Festival
Report from the Game Station at the top of Holy Jim
By Bob “Howls At The Moon” McCarter
Edited for Political Correctness and public consumption by Chris Vargas

What an awesome day it turned out to be for the Toad Festival. From my days before membership in the Society, I have always loved that loop. From the scenic and enjoyable climb up Holy Jim, to the near epic traverse of the southern end of the Main Divide, to the uplifting fun of screaming down the Trabuco Trail, this is a course that truly has it all; probably why the Toad is always my fun ride of the Warriors’ events.

This one was no exception. It is always a fun honor to be involved as part of the event staff that helps run the show, all of the other Warriors that are part of the event on either side of the show, and the multitude of participants that are the “mom and pop” of mountain biking enthusiasm make the day of the Toad one that is so filled with fun, laughter, and camaraderie among the ever epic efforts against one’s own limitations that it becomes a day indelibly engraved in what living gray matter remains in this old head.

I picked up Treve “Keeps Good Spirit” Misemer at the entrance to Trabuco Canyon in the FJ and in we drove to the bottom of Holy Jim trailhead. I took my time, really wanting to actually have my bike still on the rack when we arrived (another story for another day). At the end of the day, I always like having the comfort of the vehicle to get me back out that godforsaken road (which I have never considered part of the proper Holy Jim to Trabuco loop). We bounced out the road to the parking lot, suited up and were off.

Riding through the morning cool of the shaded trail through the trees, crossing the creek, still flowing sweetly, we passed a group of hikers at about the fork to the falls. We advised of the riders to come as a courtesy. Climbing up onto the switchbacks and into the morning sun, it started warming quickly. In no time the temperature had leapt 10 degrees, and we settled in to the climb up Holy Jim.

We weren’t that far up, not that many switchbacks into it when Gerry “Beats the Trail” Huth came up behind me as I was spun out from a corner and catching my breath, and just rode by with hardly a word, intent I think on trying to be Lare-Dog to the checkpoint. Don’t know if he did or not, but in typical “Beats The Trail” fashion, he was just strong-arming (beating?) the trail into submission. Next time I got a glimpse of him through the brush and across the canyon, he had to be a mile ahead.

By the time I reached the spot of our earlier trail stabilization work, the temperature had cooled a bit, being at a higher elevation. The feel of the brisk air on the skin was sweet. The trail work we had done was holding up very nicely and looks like it will be there for a good many years.

We were commissioned to re install the sign at the top of Holy Jim and when I reached the top of the trail, “Beats The Trail” was already hard at work busting off the old concrete base of the sign so it could be brought up out of the stream bed. You could hear him the last half mile or so of the trail just beating the daylights out of the concrete that was solidified around the base of the signpost. “Beats The Trail” is a man that when he puts his mind to something, that something will happen, no question. Cleaned up and lighter, the sign was brought up to the road where “Keeps Good Spirit”, Matt “Soaring Falcon” Nourmohamadian and I went to work planting it in the hard ground of the Main Divide. I carried the breaker bar that Lare-Dog had brought up with him, and, except for holding the tools between use – I didn’t figure much into the repair other than to issue comment and instruction. Taking full advantage of my old man status, I let the younger “Soaring Falcon” and “Keeps Good Spirit” enjoy the hard physical work of placing the sign, digging, prodding, working feverishly to excavate the hole in the unforgiving dirt and rock. It didn’t take too long and the sign was in its place again, informing travelers yet to come of their location in the Forest.

As we milled about the dice table at the checkpoint, we regaled each other with past tales of rides and adventures. In one particular story, “Beats The Trail” told us, in way too much detail, of a gay pride event on a ride he took one time on the Fullerton Loop. Never having actually ridden Fullerton, nor wanted to, I took this tale of scandalous sordid sodomy to be a warning against visiting this trail (Editor’s Political Correct Disclaimer: not that there’s anything wrong with that and we love the Fullerton Loop).

At the dice table, the last toad I had carried a special significance. I declared to all that reached to take it that, take it you may, but that was a special toad and whomever took that frog would be my date. Confusingly, more of the guys grabbed it (I had a hard time getting it back out of Chip’s hand) than the women and I’ll be in therapy for a few more years now as I search for the missing shreds of my masculinity. Kristine Early (whom I had not had the pleasure of meeting before) picked it up, and quickly put it back down when I told her of the caveat. But, this opened up a conversation that resulted in the offer from her of one of John’s “Keeps What Happens” beers at the park, and he had offered one the night before.

About 11, still 30 minutes before the cut off, we started warning riders off from continuing on. Our logic with them was: that if it took them 3 hours to get up Holy Jim, they sure didn’t want to continue along the Main Divide in the growing heat. Some took our advice immediately while others pushed onward, only to return shortly. After the last rider turned to head down, Regina “Happy Rabbit” and I followed to make sure everyone got out OK. I was impressed, no frightened, by that girl’s skill at handling a bike. She rode down Holy Jim like a demon and, try as I might, I could not keep up. I was going so fast at times, trying to keep her in sight, that I was absolutely certain I was about to suffer a catastrophic endo. Luckily, no, and “Happy Rabbit”, sweet girl that she is, stopped often to let this old man catch up, as she was sagging me, too.

When I arrived at the end of Trabuco Creek Road, I slaked my thirst from the trail with a couple of adult beverages. On an empty stomach, the relaxation settled in quick. Having been promised beers by both “Keeps What Happens” and Kristine Early, I looked at “Keeps What Happens,” Connoisseur and Purveyor of Fine Beers; from the back of his SUV he rummaged through his cooler and selected an IPA. Pouring, he noted that it was 9% and remarked that I will feel it.

Well, I drank that down far too quickly and sure enough, found myself in a very, um, “loose” state. Having quaffed that, and still thirsty, I looked for “Keeps What Happens” again. I found him making what must have been one of many treks back to his truck. As I walked alongside him, I asked for “the wife his beer promised me”. He shot me a quizzical look to which I asked if I had actually said what I just heard come out of my mouth. Yes, I had. We laughed (thanks, “Keeps What Happens,” for not punching me!) and he deftly obliged with a tasty barley brew.

Good man.

When I arrived back at O’Neill the festivities were then in full swing with the raffle and such, when Lare-Dog announced that he had to leave to go back on the Main Divide to pick up the trash he left behind in order to fit the crash contestant and his bike into his jeep. I wasn’t about to let him go back out on there alone, so gathering some provisions, we left to grab the trash. On the way down Ortega, we stopped at the Candy Store where Lare-Dog’s $2.35 bought us 3 not 2 bottles of water (I begged for the 3rd); which was gone quickly. And, of course, safety was always on our mind as we drove across the spine of the mighty Santa Ana’s. Lare-Dog had had the brilliance to bring a cantaloupe with him and it was the tastiest thing one could have wished for at the time. You’re always in first class when traveling with the Dog. We grabbed the trash up on the road, and as the sun was sinking low in the sky towards the Pacific Ocean, we exited the Santa Ana’s.

Another beautiful ending to a glorious day.


The clinic will be free of Charge. Here are the details:

Time – 8:00 am to 12:00pm
For – Beginners and Intermediate only
Where – Staging at Irvine Park

We will cover:

1. Handling Skills
2. Descending
3. Climbing
4. How to change a Flat
5. Obstacle Course

Please RSVP to Switchback Cyclery (714) 628-3913 so we make sure we have enough instructors.

Water and snacks will be provided by the Warrior’s Society


Officiated by “Racers & Chasers”

Join local mountain bike enthusiast in a race to raise $5000 in a day to help prevent premature birth.

Vail Lake August 2nd registration starts 6:30am Races start 9am

Entry fee donation of $35.00 and up suggested. Entry will include one free meal ticket and entry into one race class. Donations will be tax deductible.

Awards ceremony for all 9 race classes with local prizes and gifts.

BBQ hosted by (Local food chain or market TBD).

Class:Men Women 16-29, 30-39, 40-49.Expert 3laps, Intermediate 2 laps, Beginner 1 lap

Race contact Robert at:

Sponsors contact John at (951) 676-3057

Shimano is the Major Component Sponsor of the Warrior’s Society

Rock N Road Bike Shops, Sho-Air Racing, El Pollo Loco and Switchback Cyclery are Major Sponsors of the Warrior’s Society

Clif Bar is the Official Energy Bar and Gel of the Warrior’s Society

The Warrior’s Society is a Blue Ribbon Coalition (BRC) affiliated organization

The Warrior’s Society is a Tax Exempt Organization under 501 (c) 4 of the IRS Code

“Far better it is to dare mighty dreams, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take the ranks with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in that gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat!”

Theodore Roosevelt

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