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10/27/08 Warrior’s Society Weekly News

In this issue:

1. “The Traverse” Registration opens this Saturday, November 1st

2. Warrior’s Society Bell Ridge Back Country Trail Work completed last Saturday

3. The 2009 “Rwanda Ride”


Registration for the 2009 “Traverse” will open this Saturday, November 1st at 12:00 a.m. We expect this event to sell out so if you are serious about participating register quickly. We will have no mail in registration and the links to registering on will be activated at 12:00 a.m. on Saturday, November 1st on the event web page at:

Event Date: May 9th, 2009
Event Start: 7:00 AM
40+/- miles, 8,000+/- feet elevation gain

Starting Location: Black Star Canyon Road
Finish Location: Trabuco Creek Road and Trabuco Canyon Road
Post-event staging area: O’Neill Regional Park

There will be no same day registration.

The race will have Intermediate, Expert and Pro classes with the Pro class men and women racing for finishing cash. There must be a minimum of 5 participants in each age group or the age group will be combined with another age group.


PRO OPEN ($95)

EXPERT ($70)
18 to 30
31 to 45
46 to 59
60 +

18 to 30
31 to 45
46 to 59
60 +

The event fee includes awards for top finishers, finishing ribbon for all participants, t-shirt and food catered by El Pollo Loco.

Registration for the Toad Festival will open on December 1st.


There were 18 of us (an above average turn out especially for a hot day). It was 75 degrees when everyone showed up @ 7am @ the meeting spot on Robinson Ranch Road. As usual Keith Eckstein was there first. The plan was to use Power Trimmers, Brush Saws and a Chain Saw but due to the recent heat and winds we could only use hand tools so we gathered up the Loppers and hand saws and hiked up the trail 90 minutes. We worked in two groups. The trailing group worked the lower section and the main group worked all the remaining sections. At about 12:30 the main group was headin’ down and I was glad to see the lower section was already done because I was spent.

After a brief cooling off at the grassy area at the end of Bell Ridge, 15 of us went down to Rose Cantina for some food and refreshments, courtesy of the Warriors Society. I believe this was a well deserved treat after busting our rear-ends in brutal heat for 6 hours. Words won’t do this scene justice so I’ll say there was a lot good fellowship. I learned alot @ the lunch spot today, most of which i cannot repeat here.

Many thanks to Pete Allen, Deb and Erik Brown, Vickie Lukina, Jay Simberg, Jason Martin, Tim Panttaja, Keith Eckstein, Calvin Mulder, Steve Timm, John Frial, Gene Frial, Chip Leopard, Mark Cluttey, Reed Price, Bob Hale, Rob Rust and Jay & Tom Jones for getting Bell Ridge in to the best shape it’s ever been in since it was first cut many years ago.

Special thanks to John Early for capturing the entire day on film.

Our next back country trail work event will the brushing of the Joplin Trail in November 8th. Due to the remoteness of the trail this trail work will be done in-house by Warrior’s Society members and not a public trail work event.

Happy Trails
Ned “Lone Wolf” Reynolds
Warrior’s Society Back Country Trails Director


The 3rd annual 50 Mile Ride for Project Rwanda has a new date: Saturday April 4, 2009.

Get the details here:

Why not the traditional December date you ask?

We have a few reasons to try a new date this time:

1. Rainfall in December, and the related park closures, make route planning a real challenge. Not to mention, a big bummer if it rains on the actual ride date.

2. Many of our corporate sponsors run out of budget money for contributions by the end of a calendar year. We stand a better chance of reaching our fundraising goals with an earlier ride date.

3. It’s just too darn cold at 6:30am on a December morning to be standing in line waiting for the ride to start.

4. This ain’t about a December birthday ride any longer – it’s bigger than that – so we don’t have to be tied to a December date.

When selecting this new date we tried to be sensitive to MTB events or holidays that were already on the calendar. Our April 4 date is sandwiched nicely between the Warrior’s Society Vision Quest, the Share Poker Ride, the Sea Otter Classic, and the Easter holiday.

Our 50MR planning team is looking forward to bringing you another world-class MTB event. Hope you can join us again this year! Tell a friend!

Planning team, please check out our new web site, it’s pretty cool:

Shimano is the Major Component Sponsor of the Warrior’s Society

Rock N Road Bike Shops, Sho-Air Racing, El Pollo Loco and Switchback Cyclery are Major Sponsors of the Warrior’s Society

Clif Bar is the Official Energy Bar and Gel of the Warrior’s Society

The Warrior’s Society is a Blue Ribbon Coalition (BRC) affiliated organization

The Warrior’s Society is a Tax Exempt Organization under 501 (c) 4 of the IRS Code

“Far better it is to dare mighty dreams, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take the ranks with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in that gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat!”

Theodore Roosevelt

Vision Quest and Counting Coup Events Sold Out!

The Vision Quest adn Counting Coup Events sold out in record time!

We opened registration this morning (Wednesday) at 12:00 a.m. on

The Vision Quest sold out in 10 1/2 hours and the Counting Coup sold out in 12 hours.

We do not plan on keeping a waiting list. Since we do not offer refunds to those that drop out before the event we do allow them to sell their spot to someone else.

We will be suggesting to them that if they can’t participate in the event that they post their spot for sale on the SoCal Trailriders message board:

We may open up registration for “The Traverse” and Toad Festival early and we suggest you sign up as soon as we release the dates that registration opens up.

We expect these events to sell out in record time too.