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1. Pow Wow and Counting Coup sold out

2. Aliso Creek National Trail Recognition

3. 2012 IEBA Bike Film Fest – Wounded Warrior’s Ride across the U.S.


The Counting Coup sold out in 8 minutes and Vision Quest sold out in 20 minutes.

We are sorry if you could not get in but we are limited to 175 participants per each event.

New this year is a new finish line area that will allow us to have the food, finish line and parking for your family all in one place.

Also new this year is you will be allowed to camp overnight on Black Star Canyon Road.

We will be working on all the trails in the fall and winter in preparation of the event on Saturday, April 6th.

Thank you for your support!


Join us in celebrating the Aliso Creek Regional Trail’s designation as a National Recreational Trail.

Thursday, October 18th at 10 a.m.

Aliso Creek Regional Trail Rest area located off El Toro Road between Portola Parkway and Marguerite Parkway.

For more information, email:

The Aliso Creek Regional Riding and Hiking Trail was recently named a National Recreational Trail. A celebration will take place on Thursday, October 18 beginning at the rest area located off of El Toro Road between Portola Parkway and Maguerite Parkway in Lake Forest.

The U.S. Secretary of Interior recognized the Aliso Creek Regional Trail as an exemplary local and regional trail as part of America’s national system of trails.
Currently, the Aliso Creek Regional Trail is 15 miles and travels through five south county cities, beginning in Lake Forest and ending in Laguna Niguel.
Participants are invited to walk, bike or ride their horses on the dynamic trail and witness the unveiling of a special sign designating the Aliso Creek Regional
Trail as a National Recreation Trail.


Press Release – Inland Empire Biking Alliance (IEBA)- October 2, 2012 – Redlands

On October 13th, at the 2012 IEBA Bike Film Fest, the Inland Empire Biking Alliance (IEBA) will be presenting the world premier showing of a new feature documentary “Sea to Shining Sea”. The film follows the extraordinary journey of 18 wounded veterans as they decide to ride bikes across the entire United States, a literal coming home for these men and women who have survived rocket attacks, helicopter crashes and IED explosions.
The film premier will be attended by the director, Austin Smithard, as well as by one of the soldiers in the film, Kevin Sullivan. After the film there will be a question and answer period with the audience.
The 2012 IEBA Bike Film Fest will be going on from Friday October 12, through Sunday October 14 at the Fox Events Center in Redlands, California.
For full Film Fest info, times, trailers, and purchasing tickets, please visit:
For more info. please contact: Mark Friis, , 909-800-4322
Additional details not in press release:

Weekend Film Schedule
Fri. Oct. 12 6pm- Short films about MTB and BMX. Feature film “Reveal the Path”

Sat. Oct. 13 6pm- Mixed short films of bicycling. Feature film “Two Shining Seas”. Meet director and producer.

Sun. Oct. 14 3pm- Mixed short films of bicycling. Feature film “Two Shining Seas”.

Sun. Oct. 14 6:30pm- Short films about road biking. Feature film “Road to Roubaix”

Show format- 45 min to hr of short films. ½ hr break then feature film.

Also on Saturday October 13th, we will have a free community ride (All Redlands Ride) with food and drinks afterwards. Also director, producer and wounded soldiers from the film will join us. More special guests are in the works.

The proceeds benefit the following non-profits:
• Yucaipa HS MTB
• Team RICO (Redlands MTB Team)
• Bike for Bender
• Team PossAbilities
• Bike BBQ
• Exceeding Expectations
• Strada Corsa
• Yucaipa BMX
• Inland Empire Biking Allliance

Further info about films-
Reveal the Path-A visually stunning adventure by bike: “Reveal the Path” explores the world’s playgrounds in Europe’s snow capped mountains, Scotland’s lush valleys, Alaska’s rugged coastal beaches and Morocco’s high desert landscapes. Ride along and get lost in the wonders of the world. Enjoy the authentic locals living modest yet seemingly fulfilling lives, leading us to question what it means to live an inspired life – however humble or extravagant. Filmed across four continents this immersive film is sure to ignite the dream in you.

Two Shining Seas- a group of disabled veterans from America’s military rode bicycles, hand cycles and recumbent cycles from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. Sea to Shining Sea ride honored the courage of our military and the strength of the American spirit. Since the majority of the participants are disabled, the ride provided a dramatic example that disabled Americans can lead productive lives and accomplish remarkable athletic feats.

Road to Roubaix- Road To Roubaix is a documentary on the most prestigious one-day cycling race in the world, Paris-Roubaix. First held in 1896 and now in its 105th edition, the race is a grueling contest over 160 miles of narrow, cobbled farm roads in the Picardie and Norde-Pas-de-Calais regions of France with a finish in the historic Roubaix velodrome. Road to Roubaix is a visual narrative of an old-school, bare-knuckle clash of the finest athletes in the world with each other and one of the world’s most unforgiving sporting environments. The filmmakers tell the story of the riders, the fans, the mechanics, and the unpredictable landscape that is the setting for the Paris-Roubaix.

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