Vision Quest and Counting Coup Events Moved to Saturday October 24th

As some of you know the Forest Service has closed the part of the forest we use for the first part of the Vision Quest and Counting Coup events. The Forest Recreation Officer informed us originally that we could still use the first part of the course but we would have to continue along the Main Divide because they would not allow us to access the Silverado trail (Motorway) and Maple Springs. We have now been informed that they will not allow any access to the part of the Forest affected by the closure until the forest re-opens after September 30th.

We thought of modifying the event to eliminate the first part of the course but could not find any practical route that would work and we really wanted to stick with the original course. It is because of this that we decided to move the date of the event to Saturday, October 24th. This would be four weeks after the closure ends allowing riders time to pre-run this section of the course.

Those unable to make this date will be given refunds. If you wish a refund you must do so before February 1st 2015. We apologize for this change but circumstances are beyond our control. We will move the event back to April in 2016.

Some changes to the 2015 Pow Wow:

Those who have participated in 10 or more Vision Quest events will be given coup feathers signifying this accomplishment. To qualify for this special feather you must contact us and let us know which years you participated in the Vision Quest so we can verify the information you provided.

We want to make this a family friendly event so instead of having a band playing in the finish line staging area we will have a bounce house and also possibly a water slide if the weather is warm enough and we will have hot dogs and chips for the kids.

On another note,

Due to the recent snow the trail canopy has collapsed on many of the trails. Last week after the storm Warrior’s Society members cleared the lower section of the Holy Jim Trail from the parking lot to the falls, which was totally impassible. We will be working on the Trabuco Trail this Saturday to clear any areas in which the canopy has collapsed and will be evaluating the rest of the trails to see which ones are in need of clearing.

We appreciate your understanding and your support of our events and trail work; we could not do it without you.

The Warrior’s Society

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