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Forest closure to last 1 to 3 years - Pow Wow suspended until the forest reopens.

The Pow Wow will be suspended until the closure order is over. The forest closure extends from Santiago Peak, south to the North Main Divide Road/Long Canyon Road intersection. The closure would include all of the roads and trails within this area, including Coldwater Trail, Holy Jim Trail, Trabuco Trail, East and West Horsethief Trails, Los Pinos Trail, Trabuco Creek Road, Indian Truck Trail, and portions of North Main Divide Road. We have asked the Forest Service if the Joplin Trail is included in the closure and have not heard back.

We will be assisting the Forest Service in anyway possible to keep the trails in the closure area cleared of rain induced slides that may be caused by the erosion of the barren slopes.

course description

44+- miles, 8,000 +- ft. of elevation gain

1. Blackstar Canyon Road to the top of the Silverado Motorway – dirt fire road with many steep climbs.
2. Silverado Motorway to Aid Station – downhill, technical single track.
3. Aid Station to Santiago Peak – almost all uphill climbing on some pavement with stream crossings then dirt fire road.
4. Santiago Peak to the Holy Jim Trail – steep, technical, downhill dirt fire road.
5. Holy Jim Trail to Trabuco Creak Trail – downhill, technical single track with stream crossings.
6. Trabuco Creek Road to finish line at the Parkers Property: 4 mostly flat miles on a dirt road to the Parkers Driveway approximately 1/4 mile before you would reach the wash at the end of Trabuco Creek Road.

The ride will begin from the end of Blackstar Canyon Road. You will ride up Blackstar Canyon Road to the Main Divide Road. At this point you will follow the Main Divide Road to the Silverado Trail (Motorway). You will ride down the Silverado Trail to the Aid Station.

After leaving the Aid Station you will go up Maple Springs Road to the Main Divide Road. You will ride up to Santiago Peak and down to the Holy Jim Trail Head on the Main Divide. You will then go down the Holy Jim Trail to the finish line at the intersection of Trabuco Creek Road and Trabuco Canyon Road. NOTE: You must make sure the Aid Station records your number before continuing on. Finishing times will be posted after the event and will be mailed to you at a later date.

Control your speed on the Holy Jim, Trabuco Canyon and Trabuco Creek Trails and ride down in a safe manner. Hikers and bikers will be on this trail and you will be responsible for harm caused to yourself and others. Course Marshals will penalize unsafe riders.

Note: Use extreme caution when riding across the stream crossings, they can be slippery and have pot holes in them which could result in injury if ridden into.

cut off times

The first cut off time is 9.30 a.m. at the bottom of the Silverado Trail and Maple Springs. The second cutoff time is 11:30 a.m. at the intersection of Maple Springs Road and the Main Divide. If you do not make the cutoff times and refuse to return to the staging area you have violated the terms of your participation and the Warrior's Society will no longer responsible for your safety. Your emergency contact will be called and notified that they will be assuming all responsibility your safety.

additional info

Energy bars/gels, fruit, water and hydration mix will be provided at each Aid Station.

Check our web site the week prior to the event for the latest news. You can also email us for information not posted on the web site. No alcohol allowed. Finishers will receive their finisher's award when they cross the finish line and the top 10 finishers will be announced after the last finisher crosses the finish line.

We have arranged with the County of Orange to allow overnight camping at the start on Black Star Canyon Road the Friday before the event.

Funds raised by this event will be used to support our goals of maintaining the trails of the Trabuco District of the Cleveland National Forest.

Don't forget to bring a beach chair for use after the event. There are picnic benches provided but a beach chair is more comfortable.

Please review the PDF files below for more details about the event.


» Pow Wow General Information (pdf)
» Staging Locations (pdf)
» Counting Coup event information (pdf)
» Preparing for the event
» Video documenting the 2004 Pow Wow on YouTube

Contact: countingcoup@warriorssociety.org

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