1999 Mountain Bike Pow Wow Results



I want to start this letter by thanking the riders and support personnel for their great attitude and perseverance in the face of 88 degree temperatures. The Great Spirit was determined to make this into a true Vision Quest and he accomplished that. I am humbled to know that I have individuals such as you sharing in this grand adventure. I appreciate your e-mails describing your experiences. It helps me to see what happened through your eyes and share in the spirit of your journey.

There were many great stories to tell and individual victories, but for the sake of brevity, I will try to keep this letter short. It came as no surprise that Dirk Maes repeated for the third time his feat of being the first rider back in the Vision Quest with a time of 5:37 beating last year's time of 5:51. Dirk is a phenomenal rider who is a member of the Laguna RADS and a GT, Shimano, and Answer Products test rider.

Fran Bain, a rider from San Jose, California, was the first female back with a time of 10:17. I had an opportunity to have a long conversation with her when she called and asked for an application for the Vision Quest. There were no more openings in the event, but after talking with her, I soon discovered that within her was the heart of a Warrior - I could not deny her the Vision Quest. Good Job Fran.

The last rider back was Jeff Battleson with a time of 12:19. For Jeff, this was truly a Vision Quest. He suffered extreme pain and sickness to complete the course and won my admiration for his determination.

I also want to mention Paul Miller, a member of the Warrior's Society. He finished the Vision Quest with a time of 6:44 on a single speed, an admirable accomplishment.

The first male rider back from the Counting Coup was Jon Dutton with a time of 4:30. Danie Miller was the first female back with a time of 5:13 beating last year's time of 7:30. Danie is an excellent rider who I have had the privilege of having as a friend. Good job Danie. Bob Haislett, a member of the Warrior's Society, was the oldest competitor we had participating and finished the Counting Coup in 8:03. Great Coup Bob.

We had a tandem team of Mike McCarthy and Charlie Heggem who finished with a time of 4:44. It must have been one heck of a hike-a-bike up West Horsethief. They are the only tandem team we've ever had participating in the Counting Coup.

In the Seek the Peak, Errett Cord was the first male back with a time of 2:30. He beat last year's fastest time by 14 minutes. The first female back was Natalie Ortega, a member of the Warrior's Society Tribe. She had a time of 3:41. The most improved rider was Daryl King who was second with a time of 2:42. He beat his time from last year by 3 hours and 55 minutes. Great job Daryl.

Putting on an event such as this is a Vision Quest in itself. It would not be possible without the help of my support personnel and sponsors. I want to start by thanking the U.S. Forest Service and Recreational Ranger Lee Di Gregorio and District Ranger Clem De La Grossa. As most of you know, we were confronted with the possible disruption of the event by a lawsuit filed against the Forest Service that could have forced us to change the routes or postpone the event. Working closely with Lee, we were able to overcome this obstacle. The staff of O'Neill Park, Rangers Cliff Caywood, Don Pifer, and Carol Baldwin also helped us overcome some logistical problems and we offer many thanks to them.

Communication is the life blood of keeping track of the riders and it would not have been possible without the following persons: Ron Cooke of the O.C. Marshals Athletic Association ( Event Director of the Mojave 250 Mile Death Race http://home.earthlink.net/~dloeffler/1998mojave.htm), Bryan Benavides, Vi Benavides, Greg Cope, Jesse Vargas, George Senorans, Joe Lopez and Doug Forsman.

To my EMT staff of Bob Barnard, Rob Hall and Mauricio Bernard who helped to keep our event costs low by donating their time, Thanks so much. Thanks also to Wayne Parmenter, Tony Suarz and Jeff Tarmage who helped us buy our EMT emergency supplies. We also appreciate the support of the Orange County Fire Authority Helicopter crew including Captain Lopez, Captain Stevens and Pilot Gerry Casman for taking the time to attend our communications meeting to help co-ordinate rider evacuation if necessary.

The following people manned our Aid Stations, Mobile Support Units, Finish line, Staging area, or acted as Bike Sag riders: Tom Sherman, Rob Luc, Shidan Towfiq, Genny Devries, Sue and Bruce Gray, Gary Palmer, Mark Frank, Bob Hefner, Pete Allen, Butch Carroll, Dave Bruggerman, Pat Killam, Carl and Mary Jo Winfordner, Patricia Hermanson, Lon, Donna and Eric Hanson (and Girlfriend), John Colclough and the Holy Jim Volunteer Fire Department, Mr. Ebert, Becky Vargas, Tanya Vargas (my Web Master), Sarah Vargas, Cassie McCormack, Bobbie Vargas, Kiersten Vargas, Chay Peterson, and Mark Frank. Without these people donating their time this event would not be possible or would cost 4 times as much.

Many thanks to Pam Woodson who designed the T-shirt and Chay Peterson who helped get them made. We also owe a great deal to Dave Strege with the Orange County Register and Jesus Flores with the Trabuco Canyon News for covering the event.

The following Sponsors donated many prizes for the event and we thank them for their support: Robert and Jax Bicycle Centers, Bike Magazine ( with us since the beginning), Share Mountain Bike Club (who co-sponsored our trail work) and Wilderness Trail Bikes (our Major Sponsors), Sprocket Head (Chay "Mother Teresa" Peterson), Tribe X , Randy Vogal author of "Mountain Biking in Orange County California", Crank Brothers , Ride on Bicycle Cable Systems, Kore ( thanks Gary) , Serfas, White Brothers, Oneil Azonic, Champion Nutrition, Tioga, Dirty Girls ( Butch and Terry), AXO Cycling, Marzocchi, Cliff Shot, Aussie Racing Apparel, Arrowhead Water, Bulltek Sports, Trails 4 All ( major sponsors of the Trabuco Canyon Cleanup), and a real class operation - Manitou Shocks.

Many thanks to Mel Bearns and Wilderness Trail Bikes for their commitment not only to this event, but to all events that stress social responsibility. Mel and WTB made my life easier by giving me not only product support, but moral support as well. They understand what mountain biking is about and the mountain biking community owes them a debt of gratitude. Thank you so very, very much.

Of course, this event would not be possible without the support of my wife Geriann, who not only helped with the planning, but also is my biggest supporter and the love of my life.

Vision Quest Finishers: 56.5 miles 11,500 feet of total elevation gain 2 miles of hike-a-bike ( 51 Participants )

1. Dirk Maes 5:37

18. Ramon Daquel 9:05.51

2. Jesse "Counts Many Coup" Beck 6:01

19. Mike "The Fossil" McDonald 9:31.18

3. James Hahn 6:07

20. Bill "Bike Mag" Freeman 9:31.20

4. Chris " The Kid " Nessor 6:08

20. Will Boyd 9:31.20

5. Carl Baur 6:17

21. David Preszler 9:34

6. Dan King 6:34

22. John Stuetzel 9:39

7. Dave " Thunder Across the Mountains" Wonderly 6:36

23. Rick Berg 9:52

8. Todd Brown 6:41

24. Brian Lewotsky 9:56

9. Paul "Keeps one Horse" Miller 6:44

25. Bill Babishoff 10:00

10. Frank Hermanson 7:21

26. Adam Nazaroff 10:15

11. Calvin Mulder 7:35

27. Fran Bain (first and only women) 10:17.00

12. John Williams 7:40

28. Jeff Bryan 10:17.04

13. Justin Callahan 8:01

29. Jeff Lawler 10:21

14. Pat Beezley 8:03

30. Gary Curtis 11:15

15. Peter "Lands with both toes Pointed" Vidmar 8:58

31. Micheal Bergevin 11: 35

16. Keith "Keeps his Word" Eckstein 9:03

32. Jeff Battleson 11:50

17. Jim Parkhurst 9:05.03

33. Bob "Keeps Many Trails" Leoffler 12:05


Counting Coup Finishers: 36 miles 8,000 feet of total elevation gain 2 miles of hike-a-bike ( 75 Participants )

1. Jon Dutton 4:30

29. Mel Bearns 5:57.20

2. Luigi Petrigh 4:44.30

30. Spencer Hurtt 5:57.56

3. Charlie Heggem and Mike McCarthy ( Tandem) 4:44.45

31. Richie Hildalgo 6:02

4. Tim Sawyer 4:53

32. Devin Bank 6:04

5. Dan Wilson 5:00

33. Jaques Brosseau 6:06.04

6. Julian Ridley 5:03

34. Mike Ellis 6:07

7. Tony Zarinelli 5:04

35. Robert Rich 6:08

8. Marc Bender 5:05

36. Paul Steinert 6:11

9. Wayne Rapp 5:07

37. Jack Manciet 6:18

10. Jeff Nelson 5:08

38. Rick Lake 6:19

11. Danie Miller ( first female) 5:13

39. Robin Lemonds 6:21

12. Mike Hall 5:15.42

40. Peter Wendorf 6:24

13. Keith Wilson 5:15.54

41. Tom Brooks 6:26

14. James Cudworth 5:16

42. Bill Mitchell 6:30

15. Carl Greenblatt 5:17

43. Donald Ruddy 6:36

16. John Furlong 5:19.14

44. Ray Flowers 6:44.00

17. Brian Stockdale 5:19.15

45. Brian Singer 6:44.03

18. Doug Farnham 5:26.04

46. Jim Kittell 6:50

19. Stephan Nudge 5:26.05

47. Karen "KC" Christofferson 6:54

20. Chris Conklin 5:31

48. Louis Villa 7:06

21. Brent Bostwick 5:32

49. Tim Skipper 7:08

22. Bob Olsen 5:34

50. Gregory Yent 7:23

23. Greg Wilson 5:41.04

51. Andy Darragh 7:24

24. Tom Harden 5:41.28

52. Mark Mata 7:28

25. Eugene Chu 5:44

53. Terry Hamlyn 7:42

26. Donald Jackson 5:47

54. Jorge Norona 7:44

27. Peter Black 5:49.04

55. Robert "Wise Hawk" Haislett (66 years old) 8:03

28. Katie Swett 5:49.41

56. (Tie) Mike Koury, Scott Blair, Paul Edwards, John Martinez, Mark Monson 8:27.04


57. Dave Patterson 9:20

Seek The Peak: 24 miles 4,500 feet of elevation gain ( 17 Participants )

1. Errett Cord 2:30

10. Eric Hanson 3:52

2. Daryl King 2:42

11. Curt Morrison 4:04

3. Nino Pozgaj 2:46

12. Jeff Hensley 4:14

4. Tani Walling 2:59

13. Candace Holbrook 4:27

5. Dennis Duty 3:02

14. Cyndi Anastasio 4:34

6. Max Ollendorf 3:03

15. Joshua Taylor 4:39

7. Natalie Ortega ( first female ) 3:41

16. Ron James 4:42

8. Sandy Sorenson 3:47

17. Joe Rosen 5:30

9. Tom Kraus 3:49


We will be making some changes next year in order to move things along and ensure that our support crews and riders are not forced to miss the ceremonies. The cutoff time for the Vision Quest and Counting Coup riders to make Holy Jim will be moved 1 hour earlier to 12:00 and 11:00 respectively. There is a possibility that the courses may change if Maple Springs is closed to all users. If this occurs, we will start the Vision Quest and the Counting Coup at Blackstar at the same time. They will go across the Main Divide and not drop into Maple Springs where the 1st Aid Station was. Instead, they would continue on the Main Divide and connect back onto the original route where Maple Springs meets the Main Divide. We will move Aid Station #1 to somewhere on the Main Divide. Another alternative is to move the event to after the Arroyo Toad breeding season and Maple Springs is re-opened, probably in the fall. We will keep you posted on any changes that occur.

We will no longer have the Seek the Peak event since the demand for the Vision Quest and Counting Coup far exceed the demand for the Seek the Peak. The finish line will be moved to the same location as Aid Station #2 (after you do the final loop of up Horsethief and down Trabuco). The property owners that own the area we used this year no longer want us putting the finish line there. They are afraid that having us there will encourage un-permitted events to use this area. This will also hopefully make the ride out easier because you would not be riding out the road at race pace (and not get as beat up).

We are offering T-shirts for sale only for the event in which you rode. The cost per shirt is $18.00, which includes postage. We will also have a Pow Wow shirt with no event listed for sale to those who did not participate for the same price. If you're interested send a check made payable to the "Warrior's Society" with the T-shirt size to: The Warrior's Society 11278 Roanoke Ct. Cypress Calif. 90630.

You will want to check back in May to read the May Newsletter which will contain many of the stories given by the riders to see what happened through the riders eyes and share in the spirit of their journey.

Thanks again for all your support and inspiration. I want people to understand that this event is not the Warrior's Societys' event, it belongs to all of us who carry within us the heart of the Warrior and the understanding of our responsibility to the rest of our tribe.

In the Warrior's Spirit,


"Dances with Hornets"

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