Are you a licensed Ham Radio operator?

Would you like to be?

Would you like to get involved in this group?

Using Amateur Radio, licensed WS members and other Ham Radio volunteers keep track of all the participants and volunteers in the various events over the year.

The Vision Quest and the Traverse are the biggest events that we cover.

The courses are between 45 and 57 miles long and cover most of the Santa Ana Mountains in the Cleveland National Forest.

The terrain is semi-maintained Forest Service roads.

If you would like to help with this fun event please contact us and give us some idea what type of help you can provide.

New DStar digital radio technology is will be used this year to assist with keeping track of riders and resources along the courses.

Many other radio jobs are needed and it is better that I have lots of radio operators doing short shifts in the areas that are easily accessed.

Event t-shirts and lunch will be provided for you.

Please contact:

Warriors Society Communications Group
Joe Lopez W6BGR (Director)

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