2017 Vision Quest, Counting Coup and Trabuco Challenge Registration Opens Nov. 5th

Registration for the 2017 Vision Quest, Counting Coup and Trabuco Challenge will open on Saturday, November 5th at noon.

Those who were entered in our 2016 events have priority registration and any spots left open (around 150 to 200) will be offered the the public on November 5th at noon. If you do not have access to a computer at that time we suggest you have someone register for you (in your name) as we have sold out the Vision Quest and Counting Coup in minutes in previous years.

Saturday, April 8th Vision Quest – 175 total participant limit:

Saturday, April 8th Counting Coup – 175 total participant limit:

Saturday, May 13th Trabuco Challenge – 350 total participant limit

The events are part of the King and Queen of the Santa Ana Mountains Series

The Vision Quest is the pro-class race in the series and the Counting Coup is the Intermediate Class in the series. The Trabuco Challenge is the final race of the series.

Vision Quest Information:

Counting Coup Information:

Trabuco Challenge Information:

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