Warrior’s Society Action Alert – sign petition to oppose proposed Wilderness Areas

The Southern California National Forests (the Angeles, Cleveland, Los Padres, and San Bernardino National Forests) are developing a proposed amendment for the Land Management Plans (LMPs) adopted in 2006. The proposed amendment would revise land use zone allocations for select Inventoried Roadless Areas (IRAs) within the four forests and amend LMP monitoring protocols.

Their current proposals include “Recommended Wilderness” (mountain bikes banned) and “Backcountry Non-Motorized” (mountain bikes allowed) designations for these inventoried Roadless Areas.

If inventoried Roadless areas are designated as “Recommended Wilderness” they are managed the same as areas that have the “Wilderness Designation,” and thus, mountain bikes will be banned.

This proposed LMP amendment is a result of the lawsuit filed against the United States Department of Agriculture (under which the U.S. Forest Service operates) by the Center for Biological Diversity (a radical environmental organization allied with the Sierra Club).

To sign the petition:


To get background on this issue, including maps of the inventoried roadless areas:


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