Warrior’s Society Access Alert – Santiago Truck Trail (Luge)

Santiago Truck Trail Access Alert:

The Orange County Board of Supervisors will be voting on this Tuesday, August 23rd, to purchase land for a parking lot at the trail head of the Santiago Truck Trail as well as other improvements.

The votes needed to pass this are in doubt so here’s the scoop:

The county plans to build a parking area near the top of Modjeska Grade Road for Santiago Truck Trail by acquiring 100 acres from a private landowner at a below-market cost. This purchase of land is designed to:

1. Ensure public access to this trail is locked up permanently.
2. Provide a parking area at the top of Modjeska Grade Road.
3. The additional 100 acres will open the County to future recreational improvements beyond just a parking area.

The Orange County Board of Supervisors is meeting this Tuesday, August 23rd at 9:30am to vote on this issue. It is ITEM #44 on the agenda. If you want to help ensure your access to this trail forever; email, phone or fax the supervisors listed below and voice your opinion now.

When emailing Supervisor Campbell thank him for his support of this proposal and his continued support or our access.

Your messages to the Supervisors could help shove Item #44 over the edge and pass it but the vote is this Tuesday.

If you are free this Tuesday you may go down and show up in person to the Board Meeting. More info on Item #44 and the staff report on this issue and meeting place is available at:


(if the link does not load when you click on it cut and paste it in your browser)

Messages to the supervisors could mention Santiago Truck Trail as:

1. “Item 44” on the agenda to help the Supervisors recognize it easily.

2. The most popular trail based on overall usage of any trail in Orange County and important to all user groups

3. It would protect the safety of recreationists who now have to ride up narrow Modjeska Grade Road to access the trail. The new parking lot would create a more accessible environment for trail runners and Bikers with parking at the trailhead. An equestrian loading and unloading zone is also in the plans. So this isn’t just limited to Mountain Bikers. Pass the word.

John M.W. Moorlach, Vice Chairman
email: district2@ocgov.com
Second District

Janet Nguyen (email not available on-line)
First District
Fax: 714.834.5754

Shawn Nelson
Fourth District

Patricia C. Bates
Fifth District

Bill Campbell, Chairman
Third District

Thank you for your support

Ned Reynolds and Gene Frial
Trail Directors
The Warrior’s Society Mountain Bike Club

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