03/11/11 Warrior’s Society Weekly News

In this issue:

1. Upcoming Trail Runs

2. Trail Work on Holy Jim

3. Santiago Truck Trail/Luge Access Update


The Old Goat’s 50 miler running race will be on March 26th. 150 runners will be on the New San Juan and Chiquito trails between 5:00 am and noon, and will be on Trabuco and Holy Jim between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm. Some stragglers may be on the Main Divide until 8:30 pm. The trails will be crowded on that date.

Also: Baz Hawley is directing a 50K race on March 12th. His course also incorporates the Candy Store loop, Trabuco and Horse Thief trails. He does not run into the Canyon, nor does he run Holy Jim.


The Warrior’s Society will be brushing the Holy Jim Trail and possibly the bottom of the Trabuco Trail between its beginning and the West Horse Thief Junction on Saturday, March 19th. This should complete all the brushing of the trails in the Trabuco area of the Forest. Please expect some minor delays if you are on the trail(s) that day.


Supervisor Campbell and Supervisor Bates have contacted us and let us know they are working with the property owner over the possible purchase of their land encompassing the Santiago Truck Trail. Supervisor Campbell has been working over the years to find a solution to the lack of parking for the trail and it is possible that the purchase of the property may incorporate the construction of a parking lot at the trail head. In the interim, the property owner is not objecting to continued access. As this issue progresses we will keep you updated.

Many thanks to Supervisor Bates and especially Supervisor Campbell who has a long history of protecting recreational access.

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Theodore Roosevelt


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