02/22/2011 Warrior’s Society Weekly News

In this issue:

1. Trail work wrap-up

2. EMT volunteers needed for 2011 Pow Wow

3. Vision Quest, Counting Coup and Traverse event update


We had a great turnout of club members for last Saturday’s trail work. Here’s the wrap up from Ned:

Many thanks to Eric Hull, Gene, Deb and Eric, Kathy, Treve, Andy, Heather, Drew, Vickie, Bob, Chip, Larry, Keith E., Keith P., Chris V., Regina, Denny, Reed, Bob Hale, Jim, Steve, Rob Rust, Pete Allen, Ned, Jeff and Nathan for brushing West Horse Thief last Saturday. Several members also repaired a “v-ditch” near the top of the Trabuco Trail that was caused by the storms we had in December and January.

The trail is now primed for the Vision Quest. The work done today will enable us to scratch West Horse Thief off the list of trails to be brushed for the 4-5 years. Thats a good thing as there are always more trails in need of some sort of work. Your efforts on West Horse Thief and the San Juan loop recently has made great trails even better and more sustainable.

Our next trail work project will be brushing the Holy Jim Trail.


We are looking for certified EMT volunteers for the 2011 Pow Wow on April 2nd. Volunteers will be given and event t-shirt, lunch and be reimbursed for gas if their vehicle is used on the course.

For more information contact Chris Vargas at:



A. Selling/transferring your spot in the event

B. Course conditions

C. Finish Line Change


We do allow you to sell/transfer your spot.

Once you find someone to buy your spot you must email us with their name and cc them on the email.

Once we get the email from you the person buying your spot (or you) must mail with the application that we will provide a transfer fee in the amount of $25.00 payable to the Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund.

It is important to write at the top of the app the name of the person who they are buying the spot from.

Once the app and the transfer fee are received you both will be notified that the transfer has been made. The mailing address is on the app.

No transfers will be made two weeks before the event (March 18th for the Vision Quest and Counting Coup and April 30th for the Traverse).

Thanks to Brice Stella for donating his position to an active-duty serviceman who just returned from Iraq (transfer fee waived) – and thank all of you who have transferred you position as you have so far raised $400.00 for the Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund to support scholarships for the children of our vets killed in action.


All in all the course is in good condition – even after all the rain we’ve had. The first climb up Black Star, which is a fire road, has been reduced in one section that was washed out to a narrow line. We do not know if the road will be repaired in time for the event and if not we will post a person at this location as a safety precaution. Expect this section to be a bottle neck.

The Trabuco Trail had some of the lower creek crossings washed out but with the traffic that’s been on the trail lines being made through these. At our last trail work event we fixed a “v-ditch” that had formed at the top of the trail. We brushed Trabuco in December and gave West Horse Thief a “3 year” brushing at our last trail work event a week ago.

We will be brushing Holy Jim on Saturday, March 19th and repairing any thing else that comes up between now and the event.


Warrior’s Society Co-Executive Director Sherry Panttaja has been working with the staff at O’Neill Park to move the finish line to the eastern boundary of the park nearest Trabuco Canyon Road. Riders will continue past the old finish line at the end of Trabuco Creek Road, cross Trabuco Canyon Road, and enter the park via a trail along the creek. Support staff will be posted on Trabuco Canyon Road, along with signage, to assists rider with traffic on the road.

We hope to have a more comfortable finish line for spectators by moving the finish line to an area that is more suitable and safer for them wait for their friends or family member to finish the event.

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The Warrior’s Society is a Tax Exempt Organization under 501 (c) 4 of the IRS Code

“Far better it is to dare mighty dreams, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take the ranks with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in that gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat!”

Theodore Roosevelt


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