12/07/10 Warrior’s Society Weekly News

In this issue:

1. Brushing Project on the San Juan and Viejo Tie Trails

2. 2011 Rwanda Ride will be held on Saturday April 30, 2011


Saturday Warrior Society members and volunteers brushed the San Juan trail from Cocktail Rock to the top of the Chiquito Trail. There was much to be done as this trail hasn’t been brushed in many years. With a great turn-out of Club members and a few volunteers we were able to assign four people to do brush work on Viejo Tie, which connects San Juan to the Chiquito Trail. The Viejo Tie Trail is now completely brushed and the San Juan Trail is done except for the last 0.25 miles near Cocktail Rock which we can get with loppers on a bike ride at a future date.

Thank you to the following people who came out on a perfect day to help with this project. It was especially nice to see such a good turn-out since everyone knew that rain is coming in on Sunday. But if you were looking for a work out you got one today. It’s never easy having to hike back up The San Juan Trail after working all day.

Lunch afterwards was the Warriors Society version of an Economic Stimulus plan. Olemendis Mexican Grill at El Toro Road and the 5 freeway was very glad to see us and they may see us again as the food and the service was great.

Thank you:

Vickie Lukina, Ned Reynolds, Gerry Huth, Josh Avila, Erik and Debbie Brown, Larry Harden, Kathy McNeill and Treve Misemer, Keith Parsons, Keith Eckstein, Dwayne Zeigler, Chip Leopard, Eric hull, Reed Price, Bob Hale, Jason and Suzanne Martin, Bob McCarter, Regina Froemmling, Chris Vargas, Gene Frial, Jeff Parrish, Andy Lightle and Heather “Lightle”, Steve Timm and Steve ???.


From Doug Grant:

Registration is now open for the 5th Annual Rwanda Ride will be held on Saturday April 30, 2011. REGISTRATION is now open! Whether you were a participant or a volunteer (or both!) last year – we hope you can join us again this year. To register go to:


You don’t want to miss our 5th annual ride. Our planning team is super excited about all the new and fun stuff we’ve got planned to make your next 50 Mile Ride the best one EVER! More food! More prizes! More fun! More miles! (just kidding about that one – it’s still just 25 or 50 miles).

Check out our new WEB SITE:


and let us know what you think. With your permission, we’ll keep you updated from time to time with fun news about our event – so please watch for our e-newsletters.

Note to Facebook users – we have a NEW FACEBOOK PAGE for our event, so please “Like” it, then share it with all your riding pals!
Here’s a thought. We assign bike placard numbers in the order registrations are received. Want a low number so people think you’re an elite/sponsored rider? Then REGISTER TODAY . Your friends will be jealous. Unless of course they signed up before you.

We Love Our Sponsors

You have to admit, our prize raffles every year are HUGE! Last year’s raffle had over $15,000 in prizes, including a Grand Prize Trigon road bike valued at $9,000. We are blessed to have so many good friends and supporters in the local biking community.

Our planning team has already started reaching out to sponsors and friends. We’re getting tremendous support already. Here’s a partial list of sponsors on board so far (in alphabetical order):

Allstate Insurance, Arrowhead Water, Buffalo Wild Wings, Cabo Foods, Cooks Corner, Crank Sports, Damon Fit, Epic Action Video Cam, Estate Services Home Theater, Fitness Together, Friction Freedom, Geoladders, Kennedy Photo Works, Kinetics3 Chiropractic, Oakley, Rock n Road Cyclery, South Coast Glow, The Path, Troy Lee Designs, Webconnex, Wellington Eng Dentistry, Westamerica Graphics.

Want to sponsor our event? Or do you know a company who’d make a great sponsor? You can help us reach our fundraising goals by directing people to our SPONSOR page:


We’ll answer all their questions, you just need to introduce us!

Thanks for your support! Hey, stop reading this and REGISTER already, will ya?

Shimano is the Major Component Sponsor of the Warrior’s Society

Rock N Road Bike Shops, El Pollo Loco and Switchback Cyclery are Major Sponsors of the Warrior’s Society

O’Hara’s Pub at the Orange Circle is the Official Watering Hole of the Warrior’s Society

Hammer Nutrition is the official Nutrition bar and gel of the Warrior’s Society

The Warrior’s Society is a Blue Ribbon Coalition (BRC) affiliated organization

The Warrior’s Society is a Tax Exempt Organization under 501 (c) 4 of the IRS Code

“Far better it is to dare mighty dreams, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take the ranks with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in that gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat!”

Theodore Roosevelt


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