01/25/10 Warrior’s Society News

In this issue:

1. Selling your spot in the Vision Quest, Counting Coup or Traverse event

2. Follow-up on access issues related to the City of Irvine Open Space


We are having issues with the transferring of spots. Unless the following is done no transfer will occur:

If you decide to sell your spot you must email us and notify us that you are selling your spot and cc the person who is buying it. This is necessary to confirm you actually have agreed to sell your spot and so we can provide an application to them.

You must then mail the Warrior’s Society the application and the transfer fee, which is a money order (no personal checks) in the amount of $25.00 made out to either the Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund or to the UCLA Foundation.

Mail the money order and filled out application to:

The Warrior’s Society
11278 Roanoke Court
Cypress, Calif. 90630

Once the application and money order is received I will notify you that the change has been made.

Chris Vargas
Executive Director
The Warrior’s Society


The City takes the preservation of threatened resources very seriously. The illegal access issues are serious all over and the City chooses to take a stand with their property, they are going to follow the regulations outlined in the NCCP/HCP and believe the habitat values should come before the user groups.

To put things into perspective:

Here is an unauthorized access sampling for a two month period in a 3,000 acre area in the north Irvine Ranch. Three cameras on authorized trails, two cameras on illegal trails and restoration sites cross referenced with in ground trail counters.

(Just so you are aware, these statistics are not for the City of Irvine’s land. I am concerned at mass publishing “hunting”, it may freak people out. Maybe we just call it “Other Illegal Activities”)

Unauthorized Recreational Access on legal trails and roads with 266 hits on our equipment:

51.9% Mountain Bikers
21.4% Trail Runners
15.8% Hikers
4.5% Dog Walkers
2.2% Other Illegal Activity (Hunting, etc.) 1.9% Dirt Bikes 1.1% Equestrians 0.8% Paint Ballers 0.4% Vehicles

Unauthorized Night Access with lights and night equipment on legal trails and roads with 266 hits on our equipment:

78.3% Mountain Bikers
4.3% Trail Runners
0% Hikers
8.7% Dog Walkers
8.7% Other Illegal Activity (Hunting, etc.) 0% Dirt Bikes 0% Equestrians 0% Paint Ballers 0% Vehicles

Off Trail Use of Posted Closed Areas – Illegal Trail and Restoration Sites with 266 hits on our equipment:

79.4% Mountain Bikers
8.8% Trail Runners
0% Hikers
11.8% Dog Walkers
0% Other Illegal Activity (Hunting, etc.) 0% Dirt Bikes 0% Equestrians 0% Paint Ballers 0% Vehicles

This is the statistics from one area that is more patrolled and managed than most of the others. The numbers at Crystal Cove, Laguna Coast, Santiago Oaks, Whitings, etc. have to be exponentially higher.

The problem is seriously out of control and no one within the bike community is willing to take a stand for fear of being publicly punished. I know the names of several of these people in the pictures. If change is to occur it needs to come from within the bike community.

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“Far better it is to dare mighty dreams, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take the ranks with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in that gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat!”

Theodore Roosevelt


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