11/18/09 Warrior’s Society Weekly News

In this issue:

1. Los Pinos Trail Brushing Completed

2. Illegal trail cuts on the Holy Jim Trail


From Ned Reynolds, Back Country Trail Director:

Thanks to Steve, Reed, the chipster, Eric Hull, Mary + Gerry Huth, Mike Williams, Steve Brown, Angelica and Preston Drake, Keith E., Vickie, Kathy, Chris “the Rook” Hansin, Gene, Matt, Chris Vargas, Mark Wilson Brian Ephraim and Bob Mac for helping out on the Los Pinos Trail Work on 11/14/09.

We met @ 6:45am @ San Juan and Mark, Chris, Brian and Bob Mac shuttled us to the top of Trabuco where we began our Hike. The temps were perfect. We mostly hand trimmed the first mile then used our Power Hedgers the next three miles. We reached the half-way point on Los Pinos @ 1:00 pm and got back to the cars around 2:30pm. Los Pinos is now 100% fully brushed and in primo shape for the long Thanksgiving Holiday. We had lunch @ Bad to the Bone in SJC. The company was great and so was the food.

The next Trail work will be in December working on the Bell Ridge.

Below are some pictures from Saturday:



Within the last month the switchbacks above the falls on the Holy Jim Trail have been damaged due to illegal “shortcuts” have been cut between the switchbacks. These cuts seem to have been organized due to the amount of cuts made and the amount of brush cut. These cuts have also caused damage to the trail bed.

Once these were reported several club members and volunteers went up and cut brush to block these off.

We are asking your help in reporting any individual or individuals who you catch making such cuts and are offering a $2,500 dollar reward for any information leading to the conviction of those making these illegal cuts.

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