11/09/09 Warrior’s Society News

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The following announcement was sent to all Forest Service Volunteers.

Please note the importance of NOT GOING OFF-TRAIL. If issues develop with off-trail use the route will be closed.

The Harding Canyon trail is scheduled to reopen on Tuesday.
The trail will be open but we are asking people to stay out of the burn areas.
The public press release should be out on Monday. I will forward when received.

We are asking if any volunteers would be willing to go out to the forest boundary sign behind Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary (about a quarter mile walk) and “hang out” so you can talk with visitors as they pass, reminding them of the fragility of the area and the requirement to stay on the trail. No motorized traffic allowed. Please keep count of the number of people you see.

Week or weekend days would be fine. I think mornings are busiest.
We would like to have someone out there as often as possible at least for the next few weeks.
When you arrive, let the Tucker staff know that you are out there if you see them.
They have had quite a burden over the past two years trying to get compliance from the public.

If you are willing and able to help with this please let me know. We’ll try to cover as many days as possible.
Wear your volunteer shirt, take trail literature, a hat, book and a chair.

If you have a camera and have a motorcyclist passes by, try to get a photo of the license plate.
Law enforcement will mail them a citation. Document the time and a description of the rider and bike.

If you feel like going out and haven’t let me know beforehand…just go! We need the coverage.

I’ll be in the field tomorrow and off Sun/Mon so will reply on Tuesday.

Thank you all for what you do!

Debra Clarke – Wilderness / Trails Manager District Volunteer Coordinator Cleveland NF, Trabuco Ranger District
1147 East Sixth Street
Corona, CA 92879
(951) 736-1811 x 3227
(951) 736-3002 fax
email: drclarke@fs.fed.us


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