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Vision Quest and Counting Coup course update 3/2/09

Club members rode up and over Santiago Peak yesterday (Sunday, March 1st). The front side is all melted and rideable. There are some patches of snow here and there, but in the tire tracks it’s all dirt (or mud) so nobody will have any road condition related problems to getting to the peak. The back side has some snow, but not in the usual place. It’s lower down. You can ride on dirt all the way to the sharp right hand corner, and that’s where the snow starts. So the good news is nobody is going to go hurtling down the back side and get in trouble on the steep section.

But after you get around that corner, there’s about 150 yards of deep snow that is not rideable. You think you can ride it and a group of us tried comically, but it’s just too soft. We did lots of flopping around. The fastest way to get through it was to do a furious quad pod with both feet flailing. You couldn’t tri pod because it wasn’t steep enough to keep moving. Walking/running wasn’t good either because you sunk too deep, and at unexpected times. If it’s still like that at VQ time it would make for some good pictures. But it will probably melt by then anyway.

Club members Ken Rands and Gene Frial did some work on the Silverado Trail (Motorway) and repaired some of the ruts.

We will be sending out additional updates this week.

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