1/14/09 Warrior’s Society Weekly News

In this issue:

1. Trail work update

2. Call for support of National Park Service Proposal

3. Forest Service Annual Volunteer Training on 1/31/09


We’ve been very busy since our 2008-2009 trail work season started in October. Last Saturday we were up doing some final brushing on the Holy Jim and West Horse Thief Trails. So far we have brushed the Joplin Trail, the Trabuco Trail, The Holy Jim Trail, the West Horse Thief Trail and the Bell Ridge Trail. They should remain clear through the end of the year although we may return in late April or early May to check to see if we need to address any poison oak we may have missed.

We don’t plan on doing any more trail work in January but instead we will be attending the Forest Service Annual Volunteer Training in January – but we will be addressing any issues that come up, such as down trees. In February we will be doing earthwork on the Silverado Trail.


Today, you have the opportunity to change the world!!! Yes You!!!! The National Parks are an absolute gem and yet in most National Parks you cannot ride your bicycle. Please take 4 minutes and read the following on how you can send a note to the National Park Service to support this rule change.
The U.S. National Park Service (NPS) has proposed an important rule change that will make it easier for parks to open trails to mountain biking. IMBA has been asking the NPS to make this change since the 1990s.

We now enter a 60-day commentary period to make the change official.

I ask that you register comments in support of the new rule. IMBA has made it easy for you to lend support by filling out an online letter.

We know that several groups are working hard to defeat this proposal. It will take thousands of comments supporting the NPS to ensure the rule is approved. Please lend your voice to the discussion today.

For a more detailed outline and a white paper analysis of the proposed change as well as to comment go to IMBA.com or


The Goal:

1. This proposal achieves a more manageable and efficient system for adopting mountain bike trails in National Parks.
2. Cycling in National Parks is a way to connect people with the natural world. Something you cannot do from the seat of your car.
3. Shared-use trails have proven successful in thousands of locations, including many federally managed parks.
4. This proposal will make history. Your children and grandchildren will read about it and enjoy the benefits for years to come.

So many people have helped get this proposal this far in the process. Now it’s your opportunity to lend a hand and make a historic difference. Please ask your family members and friends to sign the proposal as well. The more support we give, the better our chance of passing the new proposal.

Let’s make history.



The Trabuco Ranger District, Cleveland National Forest will be hosting their Annual Training Workshop on Saturday, January 31, 2009 for district volunteers and interested public.

All Trabuco Ranger District volunteers are required to attend. It is important that you bring your Volunteer Handbook with you!

Registration and networking begin at 8AM. Training session begins promptly at 8:30.
Please bring your lunch or a potluck dish to share. Lunch break will be short in order to finish by 3:30PM.

Training will include an overview of volunteer opportunities and accomplishments, as well as updates on the district and forest conditions. We will have a review of volunteer protocols, rules and regulations, resource reporting and mapping, training opportunities and volunteer scheduling. Safety and hazard analysis process will be thoroughly reviewed and we will spend some time doing scenarios. Donna Krucki, County of Orange Park Ranger and mountain lion specialist, will give a brief talk on the local mountain lion population. All volunteers will receive a special surprise at the end of the training event.

The training will be held at Santiago Canyon College at 8045 E. Chapman Avenue, Orange, 92869. Near Jamboree and Chapman. The meeting room is in Building ā€œEā€ Room 203. Enter the campus from Chapman. Turn left. The first parking lot (#3) is the closest to the meeting room. Be certain to park in student parking (not handicapped or staff). There is no parking fee.

Debra Clarke – Wilderness / Trails Manager
District Volunteer Coordinator
Cleveland NF, Trabuco Ranger District
1147 East Sixth Street
Corona, CA 92879
(951) 736-1811 x 3227
(951) 736-3002 fax
email: drclarke@fs.fed.us

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