12/29/08 Warrior’s Society Weekly News

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1. Heavy snows wreck havoc on the trails in the Santa Ana’s

2. President Bush lifts mountain bike restrictions in National Parks


The snows we had during the storm two weeks ago broke and pushed trees, broken branches and brush from the forest canopy down on trails, which was blocking them making them virtually impassable. Most of the damage was done at the higher elevations and all of the trails above about 3,000 feet were affected. I have never seen this amount of damage done by snows, virtually blocking all the upper reaches of the trails with the forest canopy.

We had a crew go up and they cleared Joplin on Friday removing over 100 areas of fallen canopy. We went up on Holy Jim on Sunday and today and that trail is completely cleared. We also cleared Trabuco from the shale to the Christmas tree and on Wednesday a crew is going up to finish it. The club will be working in January doing minor preventative brushing in the areas were the canopy did not fall and also removing what ever canopy fell on the West Horse Thief Trail.

The following trail work events we will be removing the fallen canopy from the Bell Ridge Trail. We hope to get all the brushing done in the Trabuco Canyon area by the second week in January so we can focus on what earthwork needs to be done in this area. We’ve been focusing on removing/cutting back the poison oak on all the trails in the Trabuco area over the last three years and will continuing that effort next year.

We had the same thing happen the last time it snowed substantially and the snow levels dropped as far as they did. This posting shows the brush down on Holy Jim before it was removed and is a good example of what the other trail suffered:


Thanks to all the club members who on such short notice did a tremendous amount of brushing over the last 5 days.


On Thursday, Assistant Interior Secretary Lyle Laverty ordered the National Park Service to ease existing mountain biking restrictions, possibly opening nearly eight million acres of recommended or proposed wilderness lands in approximately 30 parks to mountain biking.

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