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07/08/08 Warrior’s Society Weekly News

In this issue:

1. Volunteers needed for the Nationals to be held August 7th to the 11th

2. WildFire facts from the Stewards of the Sequoia – Sustainable Forests


We are going to need volunteers for the USA Cycling Elite, U23 and JR Road National Champs that are going to be here August 7th – 11th. We are going to need about 100 volunteers through the 5 day event. Yes… that’s right… 100 volunteers!! We are looking for 10 people (2 for each day) to be in charge of organizing the volunteers for each day of the event. We need people for a wide variety of tasks, not just course marshals!

Please let me know if you would like to be one of the 10 or if you are just interested in being a volunteer on one or more of the days. Any help would be appreciated!! I would like to plan a meeting with the 10 head volunteers to go over what is needed for the day.

So please let us know ASAP.

Ian Keith
949-716-6107 home
949-632-3059 cell

Mark Cluttey
949 842-8561


Sustainability is one of the more popular buzz words today. Our communities must be sustainable. Our lifestyle must be sustainable.
No doubt we all realize that allowing our overgrown forests & the wildlife in them to be incinerated by unnatural Wildfires is not sustainable. Massive efforts by fire fighters on the Sequoia Piute Fire have achieved a mere 26% containment at a cost of over $10,000,000 while 25,722 acres have been devastated, according to a Forest Report:

Is bankrupting ourselves sustainable, especially in light of our states 12 to 19 billion dollar deficit?

Let’s all consider most of our Forests are ripe for unnatural Wildfires like the Piute Fire. It is high time the public demand our forests be actively managed to reduce fuel loads. Yes that will mean many trees will need to be cut down to thin the forest to natural density & a vocal minority abhor the idea of logging. We are seeing the results of their misguided lawsuits blocking forest management & it is destroying our forests, wildlife & air quality, while bankrupting us.

There was a time not too long ago when timber receipts paid for recreation facilities, as well as promoting forest health, supplying a renewable resource, providing jobs & paying taxes. Now that special interests have virtually eliminated logging, we are told we must “Pay to Play” in forests that look more like lunar landscapes.

Please contact Congressman McCarthy’s office at 661 327-3611 & ask him to help us stop the destruction of our forests by supporting active forest management to make them sustainable.

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