07/30/08 Warrior’s Society Weekly News

In this issue:

1. A new paradigm for walking and biking funding

2. Important read from Dr. Tom Bonnicksen on Forest Health

3. March of Dimes Race for Babies


The Advocacy Corner of the July Rail-Trail eNews discussed the three federal transportation bills since 1991 that have provided the majority of funding for trails, walking and biking facilities across the country.

We also mentioned the strong role Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC) believes active transportation (walking and biking) must play in the next transportation bill. Rail-trails and their connections are often the backbone of local transportation systems. That’s why we’re leading the 2010 Campaign for Active Transportation:


-to double the federal funding for trails, walking and biking.

Walking and biking currently receive less than two percent of all transportation funds nationally. But these modes carry nearly 10 percent of all trips! Additionally, current funds support individual projects all across the country. With so much competition for limited funds, it becomes difficult to build completed walking and biking networks that connect the places where people live, work, shop and play.

RTC is calling for a new model. Through the 2010 Campaign for Active Transportation, we’re working with dozens of communities all over the country that are pushing for focused funds to encourage more walking and biking and less driving. Ultimately, those individuals who want to walk or bike to get where they’re going must be able to do so safely.

If you’re curious as to why we want to see more people walking or biking, be sure to check out these entertaining and inspiring videos:


And for those of you looking for more background on this issue, see some of these great presentations from our TrailLink 2007 conference:



Rails-to-Trails Conservancy

P.S. Ask your friends to take the Burn Calories, Not Carbon!TM pledge now:


In addition to promoting more walking and biking and less driving, this will allow your friends to join the movement to speak up for active transportation. Thank you!

Rails-to-Trails Conservancy
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Dr. Bonnicksen is an expert of Forest Health with a Ph.D. in Wildland Resource Science (natural resource policy, minor in public administration) from the University of California, Berkeley. He is the author of “America‚Äôs Ancient Forests: from the Ice Age to the Age of Discovery.”

Dr. Bonnicksen is a well known supporter of the active management of our forests who predicted the current disastrous/catastrophic fires we have been experiencing. He recently wrote the report “Greenhouse gas emissions from four California Wildfires; opportunities to prevent and reverse environmental and Climate impacts.”

If you are a supporter of returning our forests to a healthy state we encourage you to read the report posted at:



Officiated by “Racers & Chasers”

Join local mountain bike enthusiast in a race to raise $5000 in a day to help prevent premature birth.

Vail Lake August 2nd registration starts 6:30am Races start 9am

Entry fee donation of $35.00 and up suggested. Entry will include one free meal ticket and entry into one race class. Donations will be tax deductible.

Awards ceremony for all 9 race classes with local prizes and gifts.

BBQ hosted by (Local food chain or market TBD).

Class:Men Women 16-29, 30-39, 40-49.Expert 3laps, Intermediate 2 laps, Beginner 1 lap

Race contact Robert at:


Sponsors contact John at (951) 676-3057

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