04/29/08 Warrior’s Society News

In this issue:

1. Cleveland National Forest Family Fun Day is this Saturday, May 3rd 2008!

2. Trabuco and Holy Jim Trail Poison Oak trimming trail work project


Join the Cleveland National Forest (Trabuco Ranger District) and the Santa Ana National History Association for a Family Fun Day on Saturday, May 3rd.

Nature hikes and activities for all ages.

To be held at the Blue Jay Campgrounds. To get to the Blue Jay Campgrounds from Orange County take the 5 Freeway to the Ortega Highway exit and go east on Ortega Highway for 21.9 miles until you reach Long Canyon Road and turn left. There is a wooden sign where you turn that say’s “El Cariso Hot Shots Regional Center” and “Los Pinos Conservation Camp” along with and address of “39251 Ortega Hwy.” Go up this road until you come to a junction with a sign that reads “Long Canyon Road” and turn right to the upper campgrounds which will be on your left (about 2.5 miles from where you turned off Ortega Hwy). Drive into the campgrounds and follow the road all the way in to the lower campgrounds.

For more information contact Debra Clarke, Trabuco Ranger District Wilderness / Trails Manager at:

(951) 736-1811 Extension 3227.

Or go to:



On Sunday, April 27th, the Warrior’s Society performed a trail work project on the Holy Jim and Trabuco Trails concentrating on trimming back the poison oak that had encroached on these trails.

Club members Denny Bean, Treve Messimer, Jeff Parish, Jeroen Bossboom, Mike Caffrey and Eron Boyer trimmed back the poison oak on the Holy Jim Trail and Carrie Harden, Preston Drake, Angelika Drake, Bob Rust, Bob McCarter, Steve Timm, John Early, Matt Nourahamdian, Chip Leopard and Eron Boyer trimmed back the poison oak on the Trabuco Trail. They also cut back any other brush that was encroaching on the trail.

We still have to cut back the low lying poison oak on a small section of the Trabuco Trail just below the junction with West Horse Thief. We plan on completing this small section within the next two weeks.

For those of you riding other trails, especially in the County or State Reserves, here are some precautions you can take to prevent poison oak.

1. Buy Ivy Block, a clay based lotion, at REI to prevent exposure. This is the only FDA approved product to prevent poison oak. It creates a clay barrier on your skin to protect you from the oil of the poison oak plant that caused the irritation.

2. Bring a gallon of water, a towel and Dove dishwashing soap or Simple Green to wash any areas that you may have exposed to poison oak immediately after your ride and before you drive home. If you don’t clean up you could transfer the oil from the plant from your skin or clothes/equipment to your car seats and possibly expose your family members to its’ irritating effects.

3. After washing change into clean clothes and place your riding clothes in a bag to prevent spreading the oil from the poison oak plant that may have contaminated them.

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