02/14/08 Warrior’s Society News

In this issue:

1. Another successful Trail Work Event

2. Pow Wow course conditions update

3. Guided Rides tentatively scheduled for this Saturday and Sunday


We had a great turnout at the trail work event on Sunday!

We fixed the 6 switchbacks on Holy Jim above the falls that had deteriorated, installing about 15 grade stabilizers and about as many water bars. We also worked on two of the switchback turns fixing the rutting on them; the trail looks great! While we were working on the Switchbacks club member Jeroen “Dust Cloud” Bosboom rode up Trabuco and spent about 4 hours trimming areas that were encroaching on the trail. Jeroen then rode to the Peak and down Upper and Lower Holy Jim to get a trail report.

We still have the one rut on Upper Holy Jim we’d like to fix before the Pow Wow and we’ll be installing a sign on the Silverado Trail to direct people to the single track that detours them from the “Bomb Craters” installed to prevent access after the fire as well as making a trail through a small section of them.

We really got a lot done in our first 3 trail work events of 2007-2008!
Thanks to all of you who helped to make them a success!


All the roads used for the course are on good condition except for one; Black Star Canyon Road has a big washout. We did construct a 5 foot trail around it but we had it destroyed by Art Tuttle, the individual that lives in Black Star and harasses people using it. We will go back and widen it the morning of the Pow Wow and station one of our CHP Dual Sport volunteers to keep an eye on it and arrest him if he causes any trouble. You can still ride around the washout it no problem; the path is just not wide.

The trails are all in good shape; we’ve brushed them and have worked on the trail beds installing grade stabilizers and water bars. We have one rut on Upper Holy Jim that we missed at our trail work event 3 weeks ago but we hope to go up and repair that before the Pow Wow.

For those that are unfamiliar with the course the most technical parts are the descent down the back side of Santiago Peak on the Main Divide (because it’s wide open, rocky and you can build up speed quickly), the descent down Upper Holy Jim and the descent down the Trabuco Trail from the Main Divide to the junction with the West Horse Thief Trail. Upper Holy Jim and the Trabuco Trail are very technical trails but if you are cautious you’ll be ok.


We have two guided rides tentatively scheduled for this Saturday and Sunday in the areas affected by the fire closures.

Saturday’s ride will be Starting at 8 a.m. be up Black Star, across the Main Divide, down the Silverado Trail and up Maple Springs to the peak. The riders should clear the closed area (Maple Springs Rd to the peak) by 4 p.m.
That gives riders 4 hrs to get to the peak from Maple Springs Rd. There will be cutoff times at the top of Black Star, at Maple Springs and the Silverado Trail and at 4 corners (Maple Spring Road and the Main Divide).

Sunday’s ride will be Maple Springs to Holy Jim. The ride will be starting at 8 a.m. and out of the closed area by 12 noon. We will place a 2 hr cutoff to 4 corners (2 p.m.) That leaves 2 hrs ride time if they want to continue to the peak. From the peak south, it is “open” so there should be no problem going down Holy Jim. I will post it so riders will know this requires a shuttle from Live Oak/Trabuco to Silverado/Maple Springs.

Each ride will have a maximum of 60 riders participating. You must RSVP to attend and bring ID. You cannot join us if you did not RSVP as we must submit your names to the Forest Service. There will be no substitutions for any rider who makes a reservation. The Forest Service has decided to adopt the same protocol for rides the Nature Conservancy and the Irvine Ranch operates under. Any rider who does not adhere to the rules of the guided rides will be subject to a $5,000 dollar fine and/or up to 3 years in Federal prison for violating the rules governing areas affected by the fire closures.

The rides will be posted on SoCal MTB and you have to be a member of the web site – so register in advance. We appreciate District Ranger Keith Fletcher’s trust in allowing us these guided rides and we appreciate the public’s understanding of the need for guided rides to protect the recovery of the areas affected by the devastating fires of last fall.

The ride may be cancelled due to weather or postponed if the permit for the rides is delayed. If the ride is delayed due to the permit being delayed those who have RSVP’ed will be carried over to the next scheduled rides.

Here’s the link for Saturday’s ride:


Here’s the link for Sunday’s ride:


If the links do not activate cut and paste the whole link into your browser.
The reservation portion of the links will be activated Thursday, February 14th at 8:00 p.m.

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