01/21/08 Warrior’s Society Weekly News

In this issue:

1. Trail work event on Saturday, January 19th a success!

2. Basic Trail Maintenance Workshop

3. Protect our access – submit your comments on the Clear Water management

4. Guided Rides to begin in early February


We had a great trail work event on Saturday! We did a massive amount of
earthwork repairing the ruts and several switchbacks on Upper Holy Jim. On
Lower Holy Jim we built a retaining wall for a section of trail that was
failing and brushed from where the trail crosses the canyon to about ½ a
mile up. At the spot we were working on Lower Holy Jim building the
retaining wall for a deteriorated section of trail one trail runner and
mountain biker stopped to watch – somewhat amazed at our retaining wall and
how we devised the engineering.

The rest of the crews up on Upper Holy Jim installed 25 water bars, repaired
several damaged switchbacks and installed 12 or more grade stabilizers. The
rains expected this week will aid in the compaction of the earthwork and
give us a good indication of what areas may still need to be improved.

Thanks to our Upper Holy Jim Trail Managers Jeroen Bosboom and Mike Caffrey
for assessing this trail (as well as helping with this and past work early
this year) and to John Early and Chip Leopard for assessing Lower Holy Jim
and their past work on our back country trails.

Our next trail work event may be on Sunday, February 3rd. This will be the
last trail work event before the Pow Wow and we’ll be installing grade
stabilizers and fixing several areas on the Switchbacks on Holy Jim above
the falls. We’ll also be doing some minor brushing.


Trail Maintenance for Volunteers
1 – Day Workshop
February 2, 2008

Sanctioned by the
Southern California Trails Coalition (SCTC)

A multiple jurisdictions and multiple agencies organization comprised of
representatives from Southern California cities, counties, state and federal
agencies working together with non-profit organizations and volunteers to
standardize trail maintenance and procedures.

Hosted by Orange County Parks & United States Forest Service

Workshop location:

Caspers Wilderness Park
33401 Ortega Highway
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
Saturday 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM

This 6.5 hour class at Caspers Wilderness Park will train park volunteers on
the basic elements of trail maintenance. This workshop will teach
volunteers how to safely, effectively, and efficiently maintain recreational
use trails. Attendees will receive a training packet and certificate of

* No fee for workshop
* Space is limited
* Boots/sturdy shoes and long pants required
* Bring sun protection
* Snacks & lunch will be provided
* You must apply by 01/24/08
* No walk-ins

To apply, contact: Park Ranger Ryan Cordero at 949-923-2208 or


Caspers Wilderness Park is located approximately 7-1/2 miles inland from the
Mission City of San Juan Capistrano in Southern Orange County. To reach the
park, take the Santa Ana (5) or San Diego (405) Freeway to the Ortega
Highway (74) exit at San Juan Capistrano, Ortega Highway off ramp. Turn due
east, inland, along Ortega Highway and proceed 7-1/2 miles to the park

33401 Ortega Highway
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

3. Protect our access – Submit your comments on the Clearwater Travel Plan

Dear single track, mountain bike and snowmobile leaders,

The deadline to comment on a draft winter and summer Travel Plan for the
Clearwater National Forest HAS BEEN EXTENDED!

The Clearwater Travel Plan is the first time a National Forest in Region 1
has attempted site specific implementation of their new (and unlawful)
de-facto Wilderness policy. The policy impacts mountain bike, single track
motorcycle and snowmobiles most! We need to get the word out to our people
— badly. The greens are engaged and fighting hard. Every comment counts.

Below are some quick cut and paste comments. Please forward this info to
your people.

Brian Hawthorne
BlueRibbon Coalition
208-237-1008 ext.102

PS for background info see http://www.sharetrails.org/alerts/?alert=753


Idaho’s Clearwater National Forest has released a “Proposed Action” for the
summer and winter motorized and mountain bike Travel Plan. It is the first
time a National Forest in Region 1 (in northern Idaho and Montana) has
attempted site-specific implementation of their new (and unlawful) de-facto
Wilderness policy. The “Proposed Action” proposes removing all motorized and
mountain bike uses from “Recommended Wilderness Areas” (RWA).


Send a simple email comment to the Clearwater.
Here is a link to Clearwater’s Travel Plan webpage:

The email address is: comments-northern-clearwater@fs.fed.us


Put “Comments on Clearwater National Forest Travel Plan” in the subject line
and be certain to include your name and address at the end of the comments.
A return email address is NOT sufficient! (FS often discards “anonymous”
email comments.)

Please personalize the letter by letting them know how long you’ve been
mountain biking, the benefits you see in it and the efforts you’ve made to
maintain our trails for all users. Copy the text below and paste into your
personalized email.

Lois Foster, Travel Plan Interdisciplinary Team Leader
Lochsa Ranger District, Kamiah Ranger Station
Rt. 2 Box 191
Kamiah, ID 83536

I would like to make the following comments on the Clearwater National
Forest Travel Plan. The comment is made using the “issues in the form of
questions” format. Please consider these questions in the Alternative
development and please also include a full discussion of each question in
the EIS. I also request the EIS include a discussion and brief analysis of
previous Congressional Wilderness designations so the public may understand
how the existence of motorized/mountain bike uses actually impacts
Congress’s ability to designate Wilderness. I also request that the
Clearwater provide a true range of management Alternatives, including one
“action” alternative that, at the very minimum, does not reduce the current
motorized and mountain bike opportunity.

Question 1)

In Montana Wilderness Assoc. v. U.S. Forest Service, the U.S. District Court
of Montana found that Congress required the Forest Service to strike-and
maintain-a balance between wilderness character and motorized/mountain bike
use use in WSAs established by that Act. Given that Congress envisioned
motorized uses in Wilderness Study Areas they established, what is the
Forest Service’s rationale for excluding motorized/mountain bike uses in
Recommended Wilderness Areas (RWAs)?

Question 2)

If the existence of motorized/mountain bike uses does not preclude an area
from being designated as an RWA, then what is the Forest Service’s rationale
for eliminating motorized/mechanized uses in RWAs?

Question 3)

What level of motorized or mountain bike use would disqualify an area from
being a RWA?

Question 4)

In the Eastern Wilderness Act, Congress designated areas Wilderness that
contained motorized/mountain bike uses, structures, maintained roads and
even sections of paved roads. Has the Forest Service studied the level of
motorized/mountain bike uses that actually precludes Congress from
designating an area Wilderness?




We are awaiting the delivery of “Forest Service Volunteer” t-shirts to be
worn by our club guides for guided rides in the areas affected by the fire
closures. We are hoping to start the guided rides in early February.

We will be announcing the dates of the rides on our weekly news and the link
to reserve a spot on the SoCal Trail Riders Message board. We encourage
everyone to sign up in advance on the STR board so they can make
reservations as soon as the link is activated. Spots on the rides are
limited and will be given out on a 1st come 1st served basis.

To sign up on the STR board go to:


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