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12/03/07 Warrior’s Society News

In this issue:

1. Trail work event postponed to Saturday, December 15th

2. Toad Festival Registration is now open!!

3. “The Traverse” event update

4. Riding for Rwanda again!!!

5. Santiago Oaks Update

6. Use extreme caution when riding on Black Star Canyon Road

7. Newbie ride wrap-up

8. Mountain bike counselors needed for the Boy Scout Camp at Lost Valley


Due to time constraint issues the trail work scheduled for this Saturday, December 8th has been postponed one week to Saturday, December 15th. We will be in contact with the Forest Service to see if we can get started on installing water bars and grade stabilizers on the Silverado Motorway (Trail). If not, we may be brushing the Chiquita Trail.

Work will start at 8:00 a.m. and end at 2:00 and lunch will be provided.
Bring gloves and water/snacks to eat during the work.

Please RSVP if you can help.


Registration for the Toad Festival is now open

The Toad Festival will be held on Saturday, June 7th. 75 participation limit race, 75 participant limit long fun ride, and no participation limit short fun ride.

– Toad Race: (27 miles w/ 5,000 ft. of total elevation) Start Time 7:00 a.m.
The race will have Intermediate (65$), Expert ($75), Tandem ($97), and Single Speed Open ($75) Classes with the Pros and Single Speed Open Classes racing for finishing cash.

– Fun Ride Long Course: ($45) (27 miles w/ 5,000 ft. of total elevation
gain) Start time 8:00 a.m. The Fun Ride will have games along the course.
The person(s) with the highest points wins prizes.

– Fun Ride Short Course: ($45 for adults and $25 for kids 13 and under). 10- miles w/ 500 ft. of climbing. Start time 9:00 a.m. This ride is a great beginners and kids ride through the beautiful tree covered trails of O’Neil Park. The Fun Ride will have games along the course. The person(s) with the highest points wins prizes.

The Toad Festival will be a fundraiser for “Talk About Curing Autism”

TACA has been VERY important in helping parents navigate the world of autism
– education, therapy, biomedical information and emotional support.

TACA provides emergency financial assistance to families with a child with autism to cover costs associated with housing, utilities, automobile repair, insurance premiums, food, medical care, prescriptions, daycare, and other items.

To print out a downloadble application or to register online at go to the event web page at:


Here are the Classes and age groups for The Toad Festival Race:

Pro Men -no ages–cash payout
Pro Women – no ages – cash payout

NO Singlespeed category

Intermediate and Expert categories for men and women with age groups:

46 and up


We have filled 123 of the 175 positions in the event. If you intend on participating in the event it is important you register soon as we expect this event to sell out.

If you decide to mail in an application and we sell out, only those apps postdated on the day we sell out will be accepted. Here are the details on the event.

We will have links to the downloadable application and online registration on the event web page at:

If you decide to mail in an application and we sell out, only those apps postdated on the day we sell out will be accepted.

Start time 7:00 a.m. (40 miles with 8,000 +- of total elevation gain) 150 person limit. The race will have Intermediate ($65) Expert ($65) and Pro
($90) Classes with the Pros racing for finishing cash. PARTICIPATION IS LIMITED TO 175.

“The Traverse” event will be a fundraiser for the Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund. The Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund honors the bravery and dedication exhibited by Americans in our Armed Forces who have sacrificed life or limb defending our country by providing educational scholarships to their children:

Here are the Classes and age groups for “The Traverse” Race:

Pro Men -no ages–cash payout
Pro Women – no ages – cash payout

NO Singlespeed category

Intermediate and Expert categories for men and women with age groups:

46 and up


Mountain bike enthusiasts in Orange County are a resilient bunch. Those that participated in last year’s successful 50 Mile Ride for Project Rwanda are determined to do it again this year – even if half of their intended route was nearly destroyed in the recent Santiago fires.

The second annual 50 Mile Ride for Project Rwanda will be held as planned on Saturday, December 29th. The event will again be staged at Cooks Corner in Trabuco Canyon, beginning at 7:00am. “People have been asking me if we’re still having the event, even after the recent fires”, says Doug Grant, event co-founder. “We answer them – absolutely YES. We need this event now, more than ever before.”

The Santiago fire was devastating to some of the area’s favorite trails – including the Harding Truck Trail – which was the intended “Upper Rwanda” first half of the ride. This year, event organizers intend to divert a portion of funds raised in the ride to help with local trail rebuilding. In addition, all local riders are encouraged to watch for and participate in volunteer trail work opportunities. Trail advocacy groups at SHARE and Warrior’s Society will post volunteer opportunities as they become available.

50 Mile Ride organizer Roger Toubeaux is excited about the newly revised route he and his team have developed. “We’ve mapped out a new route, and we think it is even better than last year’s crowd-pleaser”, says Toubeaux. “We will offer two ride options, a 50 miler and a 25 miler.” The 50 mile route will start at Cooks, enter the back side of O’Neill, proceed out of the park near the RSM lake, head to the Dove Canyon waterfall, and ride the ridge trails all the way to Caspers Wilderness Park. Then it drops down Star Rise, for a few fun loops inside Caspers to reach the outer checkpoint and refueling/aid station. From there the trail heads back and up Star Rise, tracing the original route all the way back to the waterfall at Dove Canyon.

From the Dove waterfall, riders head back out to what was basically last year’s second leg. They will pass the Coto main gate, traverse Chiquita Ridge, head down Tijeras Creek trail to Arroyo Trabuco Trail, turn back to O’Neill, through the park and back to Cooks Corner for the full 50 miles.

The 25 mile route will start at Cooks an hour after the 50 mile route commences. This shorter route will be basically the same as last year’s second leg, with some fun single-track added for this year.

Last year’s 50 Mile Ride event started out as a 50 mile mountain bike ride in honor of co-founder Doug Grant’s 50th birthday. But the event evolved into something far more significant. The results of that first year’s effort was a testimony to the positive impact an event like this can have – both for Project Rwanda and for the local community who were inspired to participate. The first-ever 50 Mile Ride ended up with 247 registered riders and raised over $30,000 for Project Rwanda.

Project Rwanda was founded by Tom Ritchey, a bike designer and a pioneer in the mountain biking industry. According to Ritchey, Project Rwanda aims to help those who are continuing to rebuild their lives following the genocide of 1994. Bicycles are the main mode of transportation and utility in Rwanda, but due to the country’s land-locked infrastructure, they are very expensive for most people. Ritchey has designed durable load-bearing bicycles that are being distributed to individual coffee growers through a unique micro-enterprise venture. One of the benefits of having a specially designed “coffee bike” for coffee farmers is the impact on their income potential. A Rwandan farmer gets paid more of a premium if they deliver fresher coffee cherries to the washing station. These specialty bikes could increase a coffee farmer’s earning potential by 30 – 40 percent annually, which benefits everyone in the community. Project Rwanda has also been working to “re-brand” Rwanda and helping to raise their national pride by developing the first-ever Rwandan National Cycling Team.

Registrations are currently being accepted for the 50 Mile Ride for Project Rwanda event. For more information, and to register for the ride, please visit, or contact Doug Grant at


Sherry Panttaja, Our Executive Director of Events and Sponsorship, met with representatives of the County Harbors, Beaches and Parks last Friday to discuss the post fire rehabilitation of Santiago Oaks. The meeting went very well and all of STR should be honored; when I arrived at the meeting they handed me the agenda and there was a copy of everyone’s postings from STR (they did their research apparently)…so they addressed all…including the “lift access”.

There were mountain bikers, equestrians and hikers at the meeting. Sherry brought with her pictures showing all the issues with the trails as to widening, closures and re-routes.

Here is a run down of what was discussed.

A. No chair lifts (-;

b. Bobcat is being looked at to find out why it was closed and they will let us know if and when it gets to be re-opened. It was on the trail map and named so that looks good for us. They need to look at the area at the top of the trail to find out why it was closed as well so we can access the trail legally. Seemed like they are open to the idea of opening it again.

C. The contaminated dirt has been ordered by the County to be removed. The dirt and debris was coming from the property on the other side of the dam and should have never been brought into that area of the park… they are researching why that ever occurred. If dirt ever needs to be brought into the park it has to be the same type of soil that currently exists.

D. No night riding at this time… something we can approach with them in the future after all the trail assessments are done.

E. Gate at the top! They didn’t even know it was there… it was apparently put in by the land owner who owns the property where Robbers Roost is. They are checking into whether or not we are allowed to go thru it when it’s locked. At this point the County is not saying be can’t go under the gate since there are no signs posted. They think the owner may have put it in to prevent vehicles from accessing their property. The equestrians are unable to access that area as well and have to go around and use Anaheim Hills Trail.

F. RE-routing of Goat: Once again they were unaware of the re-route and they are going to investigate the sustainability of the re-route.and find out why it was done. No new trails are allowed to be made by a Ranger in the park without getting authorization and there was no upper authorization given.
But if the route they sent it on was already existing then it might just stay the way it is. If a trail as two different routes that lead to the same location then the Rangers can close one. They are going to check with the Rangers and find out the reasons for the re-route and closure of the waterfall section. If the County deems it unsafe then for liability reason it will stay. Maxwell explained to them that it is more dangerous now then before because of the turn and the hole in the trail. They are going to go assess it and get back to us on it. That particular trail is also on the Trail Assessment Plan that will be finalized in the future.

G. We can’t make the 3 B’s any easier.

H. There has been a moratorium that no further work be done in the park by the Rangers. This was handed down this week. There will be work being done by other agencies to place straw bales and erosion control product that you will see happening.

I. The MULE: The authorization came from Linda Mayer of the County to purchase the Mule to assist with Emergencies in the park and to help get heavy objects to areas in the park that the County truck can’t access.
Authorization was never given to the Rangers allowing them to use it for Patrol! Needless to say this was a big subject at the meeting. The County will be investigating its use.

J. Widening of trails to allow access for Mule: Authorization was never given to widen trails and the pictures given to them today will be investigated. Once again they were enlightened to what has occurred in the park.

K. Fire Road put in at the bottom of the dam running next to river side creek trail: Not authorized as well to have been put in… it will be investigated by the County as to why it’s there.

L. Rangers attitude towards users in the park:
This is going to be addressed with the Rangers by their Supervisors. Both Linda Mayer and Mark Denny said we can contact them and let them know of any problems we have with the rangers. The county supervisors reminded us that we as “users” of the park and it is “our” park and we should feel welcome to be riding out there.

M. Trails Assessment: The final trail assessment that was started back in August by Rodger Bell and Trails 4 All is going to be finished up in the beginning of Jan. At that time there will be a public meeting for the trail users to go over the assessment and get our opinions noted. The trails in Barham Ranch will be on this assessment and at that time we will find out what is proposed to be open, closed or re-routed.

Well, that pretty much covers it! Sherry will be keeping in touch with both Linda Mayer and Mark Denny and they are going to update her to let her know about the issues they needed to check into with regards to Bobcat, Goat and other trails that the Rangers worked on.

Sherry felt good leaving the meeting but only time will tell as to what happens. She hopes it wasn’t just a “feel good” meeting and that something comes out of it this time around. At least this time we were talking to the right people and we have go-to people.

FYI: Sherry doesn’t think we need to attend the Monday night meeting.
Everything we were going to be discussing is already to the appropriate people….so enjoy your Monday night and go ride


We have been receiving reports of debris being put on Black Star Canyon Road and even cable rope being strung across it at the height of a riders head.

Since Maple Springs has been closed there has been a lot more traffic on Black Star and one of the residents who lives there by the name of Art Tuttle may be the one responsible for these incidents. He has a reputation for such actions in the past and has been harassing mountain bikers and hikers for years telling them they are trespassing and not allowed on the road.

Do not trust that just because the road is clear when you ride up it will be clear when you ride down.

Please report all such incidents to both the Sheriff’s Department and the Warrior’s Society in case we need to ask for the assistance of County Supervisor Bill Campbell (whose district includes Black Star Canyon Road) in stopping them from happening.


Another newbie ride in the books! It went well. Big group as you’ll see from the pictures posted on the STR Message Board. This ride was especially great because it not only get riders from this area to ride someplace in San Diego County, but this ride was the ride that proved that mountain bikers can come together and make something positive happen. Mark aka “sladnas” on STR and his wife lost everything in one of the San Diego fires. Chris aka “SAR Boats” came up with a fund raiser to raise funds for a replacement bike.
Through many contributions, STR made that happen. Today, Mark rode on a 2008 Yeti 575. George also gave him 2 jerseys, one to wear and one signed by STR members. Below is the link to the RR. You’ll find my post on the page 4.

Gene “Guides New Warriors” Frail

(Note: cut and paste the whole link in your browser if it does not activate by clicking on it)


The Orange County Council of Boy Scouts of America is currently seeking Summer Camp Staff for the Summer of 2008. We are in need of staff to run our mountain biking program at our Lost Valley camp in Warner Springs, CA.
The program director must be at least 18 years of age, have good working knowledge of mountain biking and work well with youth 11-18 years old.
Younger staff members are also needed to assist with the program. These are paid positions that runs from June 20 until August 12. If you have anyone interested (yes, it can be female, too) please have them contact me or fill out an application and send it in. We will be holding interviews in January.

If you know of any other clubs or groups that may have interested members, please feel free to forward this email. If you would like an application emailed to you please give me call.

Thank you,
Janice Hoover
Program Director
Lost Valley Summer Camp
714-962-5726 (home)
714-330-5910 (cell)

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