11/13/07 Warrior’s Society News

In this issue:

1. Fire update – Harding Truck Trail and the Silverado Motorway

2. Portions of the Cleveland National Forest to re-open November 10th

3. Vision Quest training ride this Saturday, November 17th.


I spoke at length with Mary Thomas the Forest Service Biologist on the fires effect, estimated length of closure and projected rehab. They have asked Sue Zahn (a good friend and past trails manager) to return on a temporarily assignment to help with the rehab of the Silverado Motorway (Trail) and I’ll be arranging a meeting with her (hopefully on a Saturday, Sunday or Monday) to discuss rehabbing it. There was some confusion as to whether they “dozed” the trail or cut a separate firebreak but Mary confirmed they did “doze” the trail. Hopefully, if we get the rehab done that trail will not be closed too long, but heavy rains and the possibility of illegal trail building/off road activity in the affected areas could change that assessment.

They do not plan on reseeding the burned areas because due to the severe loss of vegetation and steep slopes there is nothing to hold the seed on the ground. Basically, the land will have to heal itself. Harding and Upper Santiago Truck Trail will be closed indefinitely until they can address the landslide(s) caused by the fires destabilization of the slopes. The most detrimental effects will be to the various watersheds caused by debris flows when the rains hit. The county estimates event minor rains such as a ¼ inch an hour will cause problems with debris flows and heavier rains will cause severe if not devastating flows.

As soon as the Forest Service notifies us that they are ready for our help we will put the call out for volunteers.

Here are some amazing pictures and radio traffic narrative on the firefighters who were overcome by fire off of Santiago Canyon Road and had to deploy their fire shelters:



Forest Use Restriction Level Returns to EXTREME

San Diego, CA –November 8, 2007…The Cleveland National Forest (Forest) will re-open portions of the Forest, on Saturday, November 10, 2007, after an emergency closure October 21, 2007, due to the recent and ongoing fires.

The Forest Use Restriction Level will return to EXTREME. Those restrictions that were in effect prior to the fires will be continued. Under this level, the closure of all national forest lands south of Interstate 8 and a general prohibition on campfires, except for Laguna Campground, will also be in affect.

Forest Service officials reevaluated current conditions for the four southern California Forests, and based on a variety of criteria including the moisture level in vegetation, weather conditions and firefighter staffing/equipment needs, they concluded that portions of the four southern California Forests, the Angeles, Los Padres, San Bernardino, and the Cleveland National Forests could re-open to visitors.

The recently burned areas of the Forest will be closed with regard to the Santiago Fire area in the Santa Ana Mountains; the Poomacha Fire in the Palomar Mountains; and the Witch Fire, that burned all the national forest lands south of State Highway 76 and north of Ramona, and portions of the San Diego River watershed east of Ramona.

”We are going to try and keep as much of the forest land open to visitors. Forest visitors should keep an eye on Forest Use Restriction Levels, as they can change at any time,” said Will Metz, Forest Supervisor for the Cleveland National Forest.

Closures of recently burned areas and adjoining lands are routinely implemented to protect the public from a variety of hazard such as rolling rocks, flash floods, and falling trees. There are also firefighters continuing their work in extinguishing fires in these areas and the discharge of firearms related to hunting poses a threat to their welfare.

In the Orange County portion of the Cleveland National Forests the Forest Service will have a closure map ready on Tuesday and we will carry it in our next issue of our Warrior’s Society News. At this time all roads (Main Divide and the Harding Truck Trail) and trails in the burn areas (Upper Joplin and the Silverado Motorway) will be closed for rehab.

The public can call (619) 593-2183, the Forest Use Restriction Level hotline for a recorded message, or check the website at www.fs.fed.us/r5/cleveland on November 9, for maps and for current conditions.

Forest offices are open Monday – Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Cleveland National Forest Supervisor’s Office, contact (858) 673-6180.

Alpine, Descanso, and Laguna Mountain Areas contact the Descanso Ranger District at (619) 445-6235.

Palomar Mountain, Henshaw, Ramona and Oak Grove areas contact the Palomar Ranger District at (760) 788-0250.

Ortega Hwy area, San Mateo and Corona area contact the Trabuco Ranger District at
(951) 736-1811.

-CNF-Anabele Cornejo
Assistant Public Affairs Officer
United States Department of Agriculture
Forest Service- Cleveland National Forest

f. 858-674-2967


With Thanksgiving next week and the Sladnas/firestorm newbie ride the following weekend, I thought I’d squeeze in a Pow Wow training ride before then. Here is the route, park at Live Oak/Trabuco wash area (VQ/CC finish line). Ride in, climb Lower HJ to Main Divide, then over to Trabuco and descend, swing up and climb, hike, ride, crawl up West Horse Thief and back over toward Holy Jim. We can ride up to Upper now that it’s open and come down that before coming down Lower HJ.

There are some bailout points. You do not have to go up WHT or if you do then you do not have to do Upper HJ. You can even do just the first climb up Lower HJ and then head back down. Even that would be hard for beginners. Those that do will put in over 40 miles and about 9000 ft of gain. How’s that for a training ride? Hope you can join me.

Meet at the wash area on Trabuco/Live Oak at 7:30am Ride time: 8:00am

Choices, sure..,

Ride #1- Holy Jim out and back (approx 19 miles) Ride #2-Holy Jim to Trabuco (Toad Course-27 miles) Ride #3- Same as #2 but going up WHT then back to Holy Jim and down.
Ride #4- Full Tour, Ride #3 plus up to upper HJ then down LHJ

You’ll have to let me know which ride so I know where you are. I don’t want to leave anyone behind.

Sorry, this is not a newbie or beginner/intermediate ride. This is a training ride for intermediate/advance riders. Know your limits. There is a lot of distance that has to be covered, this is to insure that it does not hold up the group too long. Thanks.

Contact Gene “Guides New Warrior’s” Frial to RSVP:


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