09/03/07 Warrior’s Society News

In this issue:

1. Barry and Loren’s 200-mile road trip

2. Matt’s great finish at the 24-Hours of Adrenalin World Championships

3. The PATH Bike Shop back to school sale!


Our Communications Director Barry Wood and his 13 year old daughter Loren just got back from a 200+ mile bike trip. They took Amtrak up to San Luis Obispo, rode down as far as Oxnard, and then took the train home.

He’s put up a page with a write up and pictures from the trip.



17-year old Matthew “Soaring Falcon” Nourmohamadian, one of our youngest club members, wrote about his experience last weekend at the 24 Hours of Adrenalin World Championships. When Matt was 15 year’s old he won his class at the 24-Hours of Orange County. Here is Matt’s story.

Here’s the story of My Vision Quest,

“May the Great Spirit watch over you, for he knows the paths you walk and he will guide your footsteps gently”

This past weekend was the 24 Hours of adrenalin World Championships – and a great weekend to count coup. I used the 24 Hours of OC as my qualifier and I’ve been stoked for months about it. I did not know what to expect and was starting to feel nervous in the weeks before the race. Saturday morning I took off in the Lemans start and I was thinking was in 1st or 2nd and I was feeling good and having fun I learned after lap 3 I was in last.

But it didn’t take long for the heat and mistake of going out too hard began to take its toll on riders. It was a 14-mile course with 2,200 ft of climbing and no shade. With climbs more than a 30 percent grade. Nothing technical but it was a challenging course. I reeled in 3rd place and just before dark I stole 2nd place. The rider was walking.

When he saw me he started riding and I tried not to look back and did a 20 minute all out sprint. It definitely took its toll on my body but it was worth it. He was hammered after that and I didn’t have to worry about him creeping up on me the rest of the race. The night riding was tough. I’ve only rode at night twice and the last time was over a year ago. So I wasn’t very comfortable and I was using these really old dim halogen lights that kept burning out and made riding difficult.

My times were way slower and I lost a lot of time. I rode steady the rest of the race. I locked up 2nd and 1st had a 2 lap lead when the sun came up. I ended 2nd place in the 25 and under category and the youngest competitor ever. I was beat by a 23 year old Aussie. He’s the 4th fastest guy in Australia.

He better watch out next year because I’ll more experienced, stronger, better prepared and I won’t settle for 2nd again.

12 laps x13.7 miles = 164.4
12 laps x 2200 ft of climbing = 26,400 ft

Ya Ta Hey Soaring Falcon

Congratulations Matt “Soaring Falcon” – we are all very proud of you!!!

Editor’s note: The following was sent by Team Mata:

We are sorry to have to report that Monique “Pua” Sawicki had to be pulled from the event after only 5 laps. Her doctor diagnosed her with a viral infection. Although she took the lead immediately, she knew something was wrong, her vision was blurred (which caused a crash) and she started having cold sweats in the middle of a 100 degree day. On the second lap she was not able to even keep a steady pace and by lap five her Coach/Doctor and I decided it was unsafe to continue.

This was very hard for Pua to deal with but she is better now and this may not be the end of her season….


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