08/19/07 Warrior’s Society News

In this issue:

1. JAX Bicycle Early Bird Cyclocross Ride & Happy Hour

2. Pua and Team MATA announce our partnership with Al’s Pals Foundation

3. Volunteer opportunity in an effort to control invasive plant species

4. Warrior’s Society club/volunteer beach ride/party – fun in the sun

5. Newbie Ride – O’Neill Park’s Tijeras Creek/Arroyo Trabuco Loop

6. My first ride to the Main Divide; a beginning rider’s achievement


On Monday, August 20th, join us at the JAX Huntington Beach Store at 401 Main Street and learn about the cyclocross racing scene in So Cal and join our Best Buddies Challenge SoCalCross Team! Benefit drawings, silent auctions. WIN, WIN, WIN. Good food, good Refreshments, good friends. Store Discounts!!!


5:30pm – Cyclocross Fun Ride & Demo. Some demo CX bikes available or bring your MTB!

7:00pm – Cyclocross Happy Hour!

Introduction. what is cyclocross? Watch some cool CX videos!

FOR MORE INFO: dot@socalcross.org or 626.797.8950


From Pua:

“Help me to raise money for a special boy named Alex and his Foundation that he founded in January 2005 to support the organizations that helped him during his time of illness”.

You can read more about Pua and how we met Alex and his dad at:


under Pua’s Post.

We will be selling really cool Team MATA hats with the Al’s Pals website on the back with 50% of the proceeds going to the foundation.

Also we will have available for sale Team MATA logo shirts. For more info please go to:


Thanks for your help!
Ron and Pua


The United States Forest Service & Back to Natives RESTORATION Presents a Volunteer Restoration Training Program on 9 Saturdays in 2007 & 2008, 8AM – 12PM

Back to Natives Restoration, in a cooperative agreement with the Cleveland National Forest, will provide hands on training for restoration volunteers over the course of a 9 month training program. Each training session will focus on specific aspects of the restoration process from rudimentary tool identification and tool and trail safety training, to native and non native plant identification, proper site entry/exit protocol as well as mechanical/physical abatement techniques to reduce soil disturbance and possible weed seed germination.

When: September 15, October 27, November 10, December 8, January 12, March 8, April 12, May 10, & June 14

Where: Cleveland National Forest and other locations TBA within Orange County.

Who’s invited: Anyone interested in hiking Orange County trails to identify invasive plants, remove them when possible, and report them when assistance is needed. Volunteers from all wildland agencies, organizations and non-profits are also welcome to participate, then share the knowledge and skills gained to restore their own lands.

Age requirement: 16 years and older. Individuals younger than 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

What to Bring: Gloves, sunscreen, water, snacks, hat, wear layers and closed toe shoes.

Why: Ecological restoration is a means of sustaining the diversity of life on Earth and reestablishing healthy ecosystems. This program is for those interested in the restoration and conservation of Orange County wildlands.
Successful habitat restoration ensures that native species are protected while non-native species are removed efficiently, and with minimal human impact to the site. This program will acquaint participants with non-chemical, low impact weed removal methods.

RSVP: Please RSVP by September 14 to 949-509-4787 or restoration@backtonatives.org


The beach party was a blast!

Club members and volunteers were given a choice of relaxing on the beach or going on a “safety” ride with Chief Safety Officer Lare-Dog. Lare-Dog’s ride took us along the boardwalk starting in Huntington Beach all the way to the Wedge in Newport Beach. But our first stop was Mutt Lynch’s near the Newport Pier for a few “safety” tips on bar etiquette and pool game hustling from Lare-Dog. Calvin decided to skip the safety training and instead made a quick swim to Catalina and back while we enjoyed the training of Lare-Dog.
We then continued on to the Wedge. Of course Calvin, just warmed up from his swim to Catalina, attempted to convince us to ride all the way to the Mexican border with pleas of “it’ll only take us a couple of hours to ride there and back” but Lare-Dog, concerned with safety and his training schedule, put a squelch to that idea real quick much to the relief of the other trainees.

We turned back and stopped at a Mexican Restaurant near the Balboa Pier and had a great lunch and a few adult beverages under the strict supervision of Lare-Dog. Calvin, noticing a boat was having engine trouble, swam out with a tow rope and towed them back to Newport Harbor arriving back at the restaurant just as our food orders reached the table.

We then returned to Huntington Beach and joined the club members who were relaxing on the beach.

The beach party and beach “safety” ride was such a success we decided to schedule another one on Saturday, August 29th. This will be a prelude to the beginning of our 2007-2008 season, which starts on October 1st, when registration for all our 2008 events open up. I’ll have more details on that Beach Party in mid-September.

I’ll have more information for our volunteers as the party draws closer.

Here are some pictures from the Beach “Safety” ride courtesy of Bob “Howls at the Moon” McCarter:


Our trail work events for October and November will be posted soon. We are still anticipating a forest closure but will plan the trail work just in case.

A few other dates for our volunteers to remember:

Hurkey Creek Campout: Weekend of September 8th & 9th. If you haven’t RSVP’ed email Sherry to see if there is room for you.

Coastal Cleanup: September 15th: we will be working in Trabuco Canyon (Holy Jim).

Lare-Dog’s Christmas Tree Ride: Saturday, December 2nd

Club Christmas/Thanks Party: Saturday, December 8th


SoCal Trail rider and Warrior’s Society nominee Gene Frial is leading another “newbie” ride on Saturday, August 25th. The ride is hosted by the Socal Trail rider’s forum and co-sponsored by the Warrior’s Society. Here are the details:

Ok, time to get your feet wet with some single track and stream crossings! I mean literally. This ride has fun single tracks and has stream crossings sure to soak your feet. This is a very fun trail that is a nice mellow ride through O’Neill Park.

The ride starts out on Arroyo Trabuco, then we will turn onto Tijeras Creek where we will continue on a short ride through Rancho Santa Margaretta and connect to the Waterwork trail, head back on Arroyo Trabuco and back to O’neill Park. There are only 2 short climbs that is no more difficult than those on the Fully Loop. Ride distance is about 17 miles.

Here is 1 variation of the loop:


Here’s the link to the location:

http://www.ocparks.com/oneillpark/default.asp?Show =LocationHours

From 5 Fwy – exit at El Toro Road, head north towards mountains (Lake Forest), make right on Live Oak Canyon Road (Cooks Corner) and we are on the right hand side 3 miles up the road.

From North OC – Take the 55 fwy, get off Chapman Ave, head south towards mountains and continue on Chapman it will turn into Santiago Canyon Road.
Stay on Santiago Canyon Road for about 12 miles, make a left on Live Oak Canyon Road (Cooks Corner), we are on the right hand side 3 miles up the road.

We will leave no one behind! Hope to you all out there

*Meet at O’Neill Park at 8am. We will start the ride at 8:30.
*Parking is $5.00 on weekends at O’Neill.
*No alcoholic beverages are permitted in the park

I will keep you updated as the ride gets closer on the Socal Trail riders web site:



Below is a story written by Traci, AKA “Surlygirl” on her first ride to the Main Divide. For those of you unfamiliar with the Main Divide Road it is the road the runs along the top of the Santa Ana’s. Traci accessed the Main Divide by riding up Black Star Canyon Road on a ride last weekend hosted by the Socal Riders and sponsored by the Warrior’s Society.

Oh Where to Begin?

First of all, I’d like to thank Gene for posting this ride and putting so much planning into it! Gene you Rock!

I am a “Newbie”…When I say Newbie I mean “New to riding my bike”, “New Lifestyle”, “New Life”..

That being said…………….Welcome to Beek’s place…..

I was running late, I realized when I was putting my bike in the car that I had platform pedals on it (crap) okay pedals changed (thanks to Neil) on the road – I put the pedal to the metal and made it with plenty of time. Oh great! I have to go potty….I always do, I get anxious and I always drink way too much water before I ride (I can hold it – for a while).I parked at the tree farm, so we ride our bikes down to the gate – That was a nice warm up and a very easy ride….But now I’ve really gotta go potty … (I can hold it for a bit longer – I know I can)..It’s Marcy, Alyssa, Rachel and myself in the back. We finally stop and take care of the issue on hand a get going again. NOW I feel much better, let’s get this thing started I think.
Marcy (Dirt Diva) & Alyssa (not on STR but rides with us often) are up front, Rachel (Wrecker) and I are behind talking and riding everything is good.I’m feeling good.Today is going to be a good day! A really good day!……

I’m pedaling, wow I’m getting tired.My heart rate is high, Marcy and Alyssa are inching ahead, soon enough they are out of sight.Now it begins.Jeff
(J_Sims) swings back and now they are officially running sweepers and I am being swept! I could not have asked for 2 better people to sweep me up..They set the ground rules.I will make it to the top, no matter how long it takes.Stop saying “Sorry” when I pull over and start gasping for air, and take your time! We Will get there! We rode for what felt like a lifetime (about 3 miles) and had made it to the last uphill before the valley, I need to stop, again.But wait – is someone coming down? It’s Brian (Necros) and STR “holistic”? (I think that was his name – if not sorry) we talk for a while and I convince Brian he’s gotta turn around and do this.We ride – We take breaks – and we die climbing, we want to turn around..But then our sweepers wouldn’t have done their job, they push us, they cheer us, they wait for us.and they wait for us.Always smiling and feeding us with the your almost there (yea right I’d say – in my head)..

At the beginning of the very small downhill into the valley – I question if I should turn around its 10:30 – I promised my Aunt who was watching Maddie I’d be back by noon.. Do I have enough time? Of course my 2 very motivational sweepers tell me we’ll get to Beek’s in plenty of time. Don’t worry We Will get you to the top. For the first time in the ride I can see people going up the switch-backs, See I’m not that far behind. More pedaling, more positive words, and more pedaling.I want to turn around – how am I going to convince these 2 to let me? What is Brian going to say after I MADE him turn around and ride up? Oh and the people I saw on the switchbacks
– well it was Gene coming to find us? Now I knew it was pretty darn far..Gene kept trying to call up to the top I’ve found her and she’s with Brian and they’re still climbing, but he couldn’t connect. I could tell he was getting nervous he wanted everyone to be at the top when we made it.But we stopped a lot. It was hot! Slowly people started trickling down. A few I don’t know, but then a big grey freight train…All with STR Jersey’s on – they stop – Your not far – your almost there! We thought you’d turned around? IT took everything I had to keep it together.I did and I was getting to the top no matter what! Thanks for the kind words Brett and Nam!

More and more people are coming down now.There goes Carbonman and Shugamama, It got harder and harder to want to keep going, the “your almost there.”
wasn’t working anymore..I was done..Music? Who’s listening to Music? Around the bend came Andy – just blaring I can’t remember what the song was, he skidded to a stop and almost made the guy behind him run into the beloved B.O.B. – He looked surprised to see me. Now the tears start flowing. I don’t want to keep going, I don’t! I’m not going to! And no one can make me! (And I wonder why Maddie can be such a handful?).He turned around and we kept going, you are almost there! It’s just around that bend.More people coming down, I’m feeling pretty low.Then I see Marcy – She’s coming down too? She stops, we hug I cry – She tells me she walked all this, she’s hurting, she rode alone and she made it to the top. That’s it! I’m gonna make it! OMR had turned around too, he rode for a few with us and then back up. He wanted to make sure the guys waited with the truck. I could see him above us, boy that’s looks a lot further than everyone says.Gene promised 15 mins at the most.This time he was right! I walked most of this with Andy.We talked, he and Rachel both tried to take my bike from me, NO WAY! I will push my own bike Thank You!…Brian, mind you is riding up what I’m walking. He’s out of water – he too is done.I’m walking he’s riding we’ve gone too far to turn around? I’m not sure about that. It’s still a ways away.At this point Brian and myself have a very impressive bunch of superstars riding with us, encouraging us to make it to the top.I’m not part of any conversation, I’m not listening and haven’t been for miles.I do hear, when you make it around the bend and you see the gate you will get another wind (yea right – I think to myself). I’m a bit ahead of Brian, I see the light! I hop on my bike and start riding..I’m crying, I’m almost there! Hoosierdaddy is on the edge taking pictures of the view and me coming up the last little hill. I celebrate! I’ve done it! I am at Beek’s place! I popped the top off and we celebrated.But wait where’s Brian? He’d better make it? He didn’t turn around did he? He’s with Jeff. I almost got back on my bike to go get him.
We did this together! Where is he? Finally I see him turn the corner! Yes I yelled! We did it!


I want everyone to know what a sacrifice Rachel and Jeff made. Usually sweeper means pulling up the rear and picking up the slakers..It does not mean being a personal motivator for 3 hrs. This was a harder ride for them than it was for me, they had to ride slow and stop often. They kept each other company and had a really good time behind me.If it was not for these 2 people and their patience I would have turned around got in my car and never pushed myself beyond my wildest dreams..Thank you both for giving up your ride so I could ride!

Gene, thanks for putting this ride together (I don’t think you even knew what this was going to become). This was a huge accomplishment for several people and it couldn’t have been done with a more motivating group of 50 plus people.

Thank you to Nam, Brett, and everyone else in the STR Pack that stopped and gave a few encouraging words. Thank you Carbonman & Shugaman for your kind words.Marcy thanks for the pep talk! Andy thanks for turning around. Another thanks to Gene for turning around and looking for us! OMR thanks turning around and riding back up to have the guys at the top wait. Thanks to Lar Dog, & Hoosierdaddy for patiently waiting for us! And providing very cold BEER! And thank you to the Warriors Society. Please forgive me I know I left people out! I heard everyword as they all were more encouragement to helping me get to the top..I was tired and kinda in my own place it’s all still a bit blurry…

Welcome to Beek’s Place! I made it!

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