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05/07/07 Warrior’s Society News

In this issue:

1. The Toad Festival is next Saturday, May 12th

2. Club member Monique “Pua” Sawicki wins at the 12-Hours of Dirt

3. Ned “Lone Wolf” Reynolds Bell Ridge Trail “Dog Soldier” Ride

4. Protect your access – oppose the proposed wilderness bill



You have the choice of a short 10-mile course or a long 27.5 mile course. If you choose, you can play the games and ride the first part of the long course to the top of the Holy Jim Trail and the Main Divide Road then turn back and play the remaining games as you return instead of riding and plying the games along the whole 27.5 mile long course.

We have many prizes being donated by our industry sponsors including a SANTA CRUZ BLUR LT Frame from Switchback Cyclery, Manitou Shocks, Shimano XTR Pedals and shoes. So far we have received the following cash donations and prizes in addition to the prizes provided by our industry sponsors.

Mark Hardison and El Pollo Loco – major sponsor and catering the whole event!

$50.00 gift certificate from Gabbi’s Mexican Restaurant (in Orange Circle)

A Botox treatment from Dr. Richard Mantell of Premier Medical Aesthetics

Gift certificate to the Fish House

Limo ride from Larry Friedman of Home Pro Realty

Wine basket (great wine!) from the Nadeau Family Winery

Gift Certificate from Angelique at the Luca Bella Salon

Hint Water from Bob Adams

2 hrs of Tai Yoga Massage from Glen Swindler

Mexican theme basket from the DiPasquale Family

Two American Airlines tickets anywhere in U.S. from the DiPasquale Family

Gift certificate for 1 hour of massage at your home from Tammy Strickland, massage therapist

Thanks to Richard and Margaret Stephens for their $500 donation

Thanks to Laura and Tom Daley for their $300 donation

Thanks to Lori Dipasquale for her $800 donation

Thanks to Mitsubishi Digital Electronics donated $300

Donation from Jim Joffe of J & H Asset Property Management

Donation from Paul Heckler of Yosemite Capital Management

Donation from Bruce & Billie Barsotti of Triple B Clays

Toad Festival this year is going to be a benefit fun ride for the Juvenile Bipolar Research Foundation that works to prevent teen suicide:

Warrior’s Society will be donating all the profits from the 2007 Toad Festival to the Juvenile Bipolar Research Foundation. This Foundation is researching ways to help those afflicted with Juvenile Bipolar Disorder.

The Toad Festival course is 27.5-miles long with 5,000 feet of total elevation gain (we will also have a short 10-mile course with only 500 feet of total elevation gain). We will also offer an easy 10-mile course with 500 feet of total elevation gain. Participants will be responsible to carry all food and water needed to complete the ride. There will be no sag support (except in case of total breakdown or emergency). Support personnel will be stationed at 5 rest stops along the course. Riders will compete in games of chance and skill (darts, horseshoes, helmet toss and Blackjack cards).

Those with the highest combined score will win prizes. You must make the checkpoints in a reasonable time or you will not be allowed to continue. We have many prizes to award so a high percentage of participants will win something.

A Continental breakfast consisting of instant oatmeal, instant hot cocoa, instant coffee and bananas as well as a lunch of El Pollo Loco chicken, rice beans and soft drinks are included in the entry fee. Root beer floats will be served at the West Horse Thief checkpoint.

The entry fee is $45.00 and includes and event t-shirt (IF YOU REGISTER BY SATURDAY, MAY 5TH), lunch and prizes for the top scorers in the games. All proceeds will benefit the Juvenile Bipolar Research Foundation.

The Toad Festival Web Page: online registration:

Downloadable app:

For those of you wanting to make a personal donation to the Juvenile Bipolar Disorder there are three easy ways to do so:

* To make a direct donation to the Juvenile BiPolar Research Foundation click on the link to JBRF.

* Mail a check to the Warrior’s Society….made out to the Juvenile Bipolar Research Foundation. We will be posting the donations on our web page.

* Bring cash or check the day of the event to our donation table.


This Weekend (April 28th) was the inaugural USA Cycling’s 12 hours of Dirt, Sweat & Gears in Fayettville, Tennessee. This was Pua’s first major race of the season and the competition was fierce! Most of the big endurance names were there (Tinker, Nat Ross, Rebecca Rush, Josh Tostada, D.J. Birch, Fuzzy John and the list goes on…).

The course is 10.5 miles with 1500′ elevation gain per lap, also it is one of the best designed courses we have ever seen in the US, very spectator friendly! The race promoters put on a top notch event with live music to games, races for the kids and much more!! Thanks Clay, Mark, Byron, Kevin and many, many more who made this a great race!!!

For more on her win and pictures from the event go to:


On Saturday, May 29th Ned “Lone Wolf” Reynolds (one of our most accomplished back country riders, who is also a member of the Warrior’s Society “Dog Soldiers”) led a ride on Bell Ridge. Bell Ridge is one of our back country trails in the Santa Ana’s. On the ride were club members, our trail work and event volunteers and friends of Ned’s, some of which had never ridden any of the back country (also called “Dog Soldier”) trails, in the Santa Ana’s.

The Warrior’s Society Dog Soldiers are the club members who have completed the Vision Quest, ridden all the back country trails – and have the passion to keep them maintained. Due the difficult and technical terrain riding them and keeping them maintained demands a great deal from those passionate enough to be up to the challenge.

The back country trails are not your typical trails; they demand good technical skills and willingness to “hike-a-bike.” When you add temp’s in the high 80’s to low 90’s you are really tested.

Keith Parsons had this to say about the ride:

“This was my first ride with the “Dog Soldiers”. I was somewhat reluctant to accept their invitation since I don’t ride as often as them and had heard this was a hardcore group of riders.

What I found was a great group of guys and girls who just enjoy riding and the wilderness. From the start you could tell everyone was excited, not only for the ride, but to introduce us new riders to the Bell Ridge trail. Although we told Ned and the group to go on and would meet them at the end, they would have none of that. The group stayed together. We challenged each other on the up hills and laughed at each other on the down hills.

We tried to come up with one word to best describe this trail, the heat, the climbs, the drop offs, etc. All I could think of was “relentless”. I’m glad I rode it, and even more excited that I finished it! It all ended with an excellent lunch, good beer, and great stories.”

Jeff Parish, one of our newest Warrior’s Society members, had these thoughts on the ride:

“First and foremost I was amazed at how much faster it is to get to the top of Trabuco riding a bicycle rather than on foot dragging tools only half-way up! What a stellar view from on top of Los Pinos Peak on such a beautiful day! So many people don’t even have a clue what beauty they’re missing while sitting at home on the couch.

It then didn’t take too terribly long to realize what an incredibly difficult trail Bell Ridge would be to perform trail work on. I believe worse than Pinos! What fun though in every way.

Steep, technical downs and challenging steep climbs or hikes. This is I believe the true reason for mountain biking. Climbing, hike-a-biking and down hilling with a fantastic group of others with the same love of the sport. There were no attitudes, no unsportsmanlike conduct, no contempt, just the all-in-all sharing of fun, stories, wounds, food and water. Even better, we only saw three other riders the entire time on the trail.

There were I must say at least a couple of riders who were out of their league, but no one was anything less than supportive of them. Rather than complain about them taking so long, everyone cheered at the end of the ride when at the bottom of the last downhill, there wasn’t a single person who wasn’t grinning ear to ear from the ride.

Ned was a fantastic leader to say the least. Amazingly patient, supportive and stoic, as usual. Then to open his wonderful home to the club and host a great barbeque, well it couldn’t have been a better day. I was sore, itchy from poison oak and tired, but all well earned and happy as a clam. Great day and I suppose hot, too, though I never noticed!”

Treve Misemer, also a new club member, added:

“What an amazing ride Bell Ridge was. I had never ridden up Trabuco on my geared bike, and felt kind of alone without a brush saw in my hand. When we turned right, and began pushing / carrying our bikes up the next ascent, I knew the day was going to be an epic. I feel that as mountain bikers, we at times, are content with our usual trails and times. To find yourself on a trail, not knowing exactly what you are facing; is the true essence of what mountain biking is.

Those that ride and maintain the back country trails are heroes in my eyes. To dedicate your self to maintaining and riding the most demanding trails in our backyard, is an amazing feat. It was so nice to share a ride with Ned and Gerry Huth; both of them know the trail, and made sure that we all made it home safely. Ned was a true hero, hanging back when better judgment would have had him riding. He also was kind enough to offer up his house for eating and such. I really enjoyed that day, and look forward to the rides to follow.”

Club member Mark Wilson had this to say:

“… I think that Ned “lone Wolf” Reynolds might need a rename. He is definitely stepping up his social game. Maybe he should be ‘Pack Leader’, or maybe ‘Wolf in search of back country women.’

What do you think?”

John “Keeps What Happens” Early has posted pictures of Ned’s ride on his web site at:

To log on use the following user name and password:

User Name = keeps
Password = rides

Ned will be hosting another Dog Soldier BCT (Back Country Trail) ride on Saturday, May 19th open to club members and our 2007 trail work and event volunteers.

If you are a 2007 trail work or event volunteer email me to let me know you want to attend.

For those of you who rode Bell Ridge – and have helped to maintain any of our back country trails – you have the Dog Soldiers and the Warrior’s Society’s’ respect and deepest thanks.


The 2007 Boxer California Wild Heritage Bill S-493 proposes 36 new Wilderness additions totaling over 1.1 million acres

It includes three inappropriate Wilderness additions in the Sequoia, which would close 46 existing trails to multiple use.

Multi-use groups have adopted at least 7 trails within the area proposed to be closed to them.

None of these volunteer groups were contacted to ask if they thought these Wilderness proposals were appropriate.

None of these areas were recommended for Wilderness by the Sequoia National Forest.

Below is a simple petition opposing any more Wilderness Areas in California. Although the petition is directed towards OHV use the proposed wilderness areas will also ban mountain bike access:

The bill will probably be scheduled for a vote about six months from now. Contact your congressman and let them know how you feel.

Here is a link to find your Congressman’s phone number and address

Manitou and Shimano are the Major Component Sponsors of the Warrior’s Society

Cytomax is the official fluid replacement drink of the Warrior’s Society

Clif Bar is the Official Energy Bar and Gel of The Warrior’s Society

The Warrior’s Society
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