05/14/07 Warrior’s Society News

In this issue:

1. Thanks to all who participated in the Toad Festival!

2. Five bikes stolen from Mission Viejo garage – suspect’s description


Thanks to all who participated in the Toad Festival to benefit the Juvenile Bipolar Research Foundation:


We had great weather, great prizes, a great raffle, and great food provided by El Pollo Loco; thanks to Mother Nature and our great sponsors for their support of the event.

We’ll have a link to the full wrap up, including some great pictures, in next week’s Warrior’s Society News. Included in the wrap up will be list sponsors and donors who contributed to the success of the event.

Of course without the help of all our volunteers to stage the event it would not be possible. We will also recognize them in the write up.

Thanks again to all our participants, sponsors, and support volunteers!

Our next event will be the “The Traverse” on June 9th.


We’ll have an update on “The Traverse” in a future May issue of the Warrior’s Society News.


One of our supporters, David St.Germain, had a major burglary at his house located in Mission Viejo off Alicia. David thinks his bikes will end up in other parts of the country but asked us if we could warn people to keep their eyes open for the following it would be appreciated.


1. Titanium Tuscany Litespeed 49″ – Dur Ace comps, Krysirium wheels, specialized saddle, old Ultegra pedals

2. Titanium King Kahuna Kona hard tail – XTR comps, Green Atom bomber front fork – rare

3. Silver King Kikapu Kona Full suspension – XTR 03 components – note rims don’t match, silver/gold headset, blue onza climbing bars

4. Silver UHU Kona Full suspension – Chris King red hubs, silver/gold headset

5. Blue Single speed A Kona Full suspension – rare one of a kind.

All these bikes are unique and customized and he would not be surprised if they swap stuff around to make them look different.

Here is how they got into the garage and a description of the suspects and their vehicles:

They came in through the open bedroom window at 3:00 p.m., besides the five bikes, they went through the house and helped themselves to a lot of goodies
– electronics and anything small of value. His home owners insurance only pays $1,500 for the loss of the bikes

All doors were locked and they were in the house for 20 perhaps 30 minutes.
They were driving a blue Civic or Mazda with gold spoked rim wheels – two guys about 19 or 20, one white, and one dark skinned and both with a crew cut. The car had extensive damage on both sides – rear panels. They have no idea who they were, but it was well planned out and they must have known Dave had bikes.

Dave’s advice is to do this today:

1. Take pictures of all your bikes.

2. Keep receipts and serial numbers in a safe file not on your computer because they are gonna steal that.

3. Check your home owners insurance and make absolutely sure all your bikes are covered.

4. Let your neighbors know that there has been an increase in crime and to keep an eye out for strange activity. I told them nothing leaves my property or comes onto my property without me. Call 911.

If you have any information contact Dave at:


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