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03/07/07 Warrior’s Society News

In this issue:

1. The 2007 Mountain Bike Pow Wow

2. Protect your access – oppose proposed wilderness bill


We have another Mountain Bike Pow Wow under our belt and what a great one it was. Five records were broken in the Vision Quest and two records broken in the Counting Coup. We will have the wrap-up and “official” finishing times posted on our web site late this week.

This Thursday the Orange County Register will be featuring an article on the Pow Wow in the sports section.

The action photos taken at the Vision Quest/Counting Coup have been posted at:

Thanks to the participants and volunteers who helped make the 2007 Pow Wow a success!

Registration for our last two events, the Toad Festival on May 12th to benefit the Juvenile Bipolar Research Foundation and “The Traverse” endurance race will open up on April 1st.


The 2007 Boxer California Wild Heritage Bill S-493 proposes 36 new Wilderness additions totaling over 1.1 million acres

It includes three inappropriate Wilderness additions in the Sequoia, which would close 46 existing trails to multiple use.

Multi-use groups have adopted at least 7 trails within the area proposed to be closed to them.

None of these volunteer groups were contacted to ask if they thought these Wilderness proposals were appropriate.

None of these areas were recommended for Wilderness by the Sequoia National Forest.

Below is a simple petition opposing any more Wilderness Areas in California. Although the petition is directed towards OHV use the proposed wilderness areas will also ban mountain bike access:

The bill will probably be scheduled for a vote about six months from now. Contact your congressman and let them know how you feel.

Here is a link to find your Congressman’s phone number and address

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Pow Wow Event is on for this Saturday, March 3rd – final instructions

To all our participants a few last minutes suggestions:

O’Neill Park is under construction to install a new sewer system. Parking is limited and due to the construction the park will not be opened up for parking until 7:30 a.m., long after the event starts. We will be running a shuttle from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Remember that there are no shuttles to the start in the morning. We recommend that you have a family member drop you off and pick you up at O’Neill after the event is over. If you decide to take the shuttle we recommend you take it immediately after you finish and go pick up your car and return to clean up and eat at O’Neill. DO NOT WAIT TO BOARD THE LAST SHUTTLES OR THEIR MAY NOT BE ANY ROOM.

Do not leave a car at the finish line as the Sheriffs will ticket you. There is no parking allowed there from dusk to dawn.

If you do park on Black Star make sure your car is parked well off the pavement to avoid being towed by the Sheriff’s Department. Camping and parking from dusk to dawn is normally not allowed on Black Star Canyon Road but our permit will allow you to park there beginning at 4:00 a.m.

If you did not pick up your race packet at Switchback Cyclery then you must arrive at 4:45 at the Start to register.

Have a whistle and cell phone to aid in your rescue if you are out of sight of rescuers. The whistle will carry further than your voice and a cell phone, while not working on 60 percent of the course, may work where you are injured. We also recommend you buy a compact “space blanket,” an aluminum foil like covering that will keep you warm if you are injured off trail and out of sight.

We’ve had problems in the past with participants leaving before the official start time. Support volunteers will be stationed on Black Star Canyon Road starting at 3:00 a.m. to catch anyone attempting to leave early. You will be DNF’ed if you are caught leaving early. You number plate must be recorded at all 11 checkpoints or you will not receive a finishing award until the discrepancy is resolved.

The opening ceremonies will start at 5:15 a.m. and the start at 5:30 a.m. ON TIME.

You must get supplies from the Aid Stations. If any support personnel on the course has to give you food or water you will be penalized 20 minutes on your time.

The first climb, Black Star Canyon Road, is now in good shape. Club Safety Officer Lare-Dog has been going up there every two days to make sure the drainages he put in have not been blocked. While there is one major “mud Bog” on Black Star there is a dry 6 foot path no either side of it so mud should not be a problem. The course as a whole is in the best shape it’s been in years and temps are supposed to warm up.

We had two riders who rode up to the peak yesterday morning and reported a light dusting of snow that partially washed out by drizzle later in the day. We expect most of this to melt since temps are warming but expect ice and some snow on the north side of the peak as you descend down to Upper Holy Jim.

Just to be safe and to deal with any mud on the course we suggest you spray “Pam” non-stick cooking spray or silicone on your bike (except for on your disc or caliper brakes) to keep mud from sticking to it and take a brush with you.

You are starting early and you must begin to eat as soon as you wake up, at least 100 calories and hour from that point depending on your metabolism. Hydration is also important; remember to include sodium and potassium in your water mix. Eat a decent meal the night before and do not eat or drink anything radically changed from what you have used during training. This is especially true of fluid replacement products.

1. Temperatures at Santiago Peak estimated for Saturday 45 to 65 degrees

2. Expect some snow and ice on the back side of Santiago Peak; use caution

3. Lots of big mud puddles along the Main Divide but none that could not be avoided by slowing down and bypassing on the sides.

4. Some debris and rocks have fallen between 4-corners and upper Holy Jim but nothing to stop traffic just be aware of recent rocks activity.

5. Upper Holy Jim is rutted from runoff and bike traffic and in much worse shape than a few weeks ago…not terrible though.

6. Streams are running now in most places but not deep.

7. Trabuco Canyon Road from Holy Jim lot downstream to the finish line is muddy and wet in the shaded areas.

8. Holy Jim parking lot is very compromised (in size and scope of parking room available) due to bridge construction

Please remember on thing; the Vision Quest would not be the Vision Quest if it was easy; if you expect perfect conditions you should not have entered this event. We can guarantee you food and water, but we cannot guarantee that nature and fate will have mercy on you and allow you to finish.

This advice should be heeded by participants in the Counting Coup too; a Vision Quest is not about the distance, it is about the experience and your skill. For those just testing the waters of endurance you may find the Counting Coup Event to be your Vision Quest; if that is indeed the case you have our deep respect.

Your only salvation is that you are prepared both physically, mentally and spiritually to confront the course, and by default nature herself, on their terms.

It is our hope that in the Vision Quest and Counting Coup the journey you experience is a Vision Quest; and no journey begins without the courage of taking that first step…

Ya Ta Hey

Chris Vargas and Sherry Panttaja
AKA “Dances With Hornets” and “Stands Her Ground”

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