03/18/07 Warrior’s Society News

In this issue:

1. The Windy Ridge Fire – Santiago Oaks Wilderness Park Update

2. “Thanks” ride rescheduled to Saturday, April 21st.

3. Caspers Wilderness Park needs some volunteers


As some of you know the recent Windy Ridge Fire severely affected Santiago Oaks Wilderness Park, a popular area for mountain bikers and equestrians adjacent to the cities of Orange and Anaheim.

There is a lot of concern that with the vegetation burned away park users will go off the designated trails increasing erosion severely affecting the restoration of the park environment. The park will be closed for two weeks to fully evaluate the damage. The park staff is looking for experienced trail volunteers to help with the restoration efforts as is stated in the update below, which was provided by Jim Meyer of Trails4All.

The SHARE Mountain bike club and the Warrior’s Society will be arranging a Trail Work Day in mid-April to assist with the restoration.

Here is the update on the condition of Santiago Oaks:

Tom Davidson writes –

Today I met with various agencies to discuss Santiago Oaks Parks and I wanted to give everyone an update on what’s going on there. The park will be closed for at least two weeks. Over 80% of the grounds suffered damage from the fire. The undergrowth is pretty well burned clean away, but many of the large trees look to be in good shape. It will take time to assess the damage and put together a restoration plan. There is even talk of making some changes and improvements as long as they have a clean slate to work with.

There are a few things of which you need to be aware. Just as we were looking to find shelter for our animals last Sunday, the real inhabitants of the park, all the critters and such, are doing the same. They have become Mother Nature’s homeless. You should be alert to any encounters and take care. It is imperative that we all stay on designated trails, once the park is opened and the restoration starts. Nature will begin the healing work immediately, but our shoes, hoofs, and tires will hinder the process greatly. Staying on trail is the biggest way in which we can aid the recovery, so don’t hesitate to spread the word or educate others.

In the mean time, the County and especially the Santiago Oaks Park Staff, led by Head Ranger Don Ziegler, Maureen Beckman, and Jonathan need the help of knowledgeable trail folks in and around the park. If you have time and would like to volunteer, call the park’s direct line, 973-6620. I’m sure you can respect how monumental of a task it is to deal with a restoration on this level, so please be patient with the situation. Let’s show our beloved park and its hardworking staff every consideration we can, and if you can help, please do.

Just a side note: Last Sunday, firefighters reported that they had seen two mountain lions leaving Santiago Oaks Park during the fire. This is an unconfirmed sighting, but worthy of consideration. This is just my opinion, but you may want to stay to open trails and away from areas like the Willows until things settle down. ~ Julie ~


Our “Thanks” ride has been rescheduled to Saturday, April 21st. Our awards makers need more time to bead the coup feathers for new members and the pipes for the new Elders. We will also be recognizing those accepted as “Dog Soldiers.”

This club “Thanks” ride is open only to those who have participated in volunteer activities (trail work and event prep pre/post and as support during the Pow Wow) since January 2007.

The Warrior’s Society will be providing a Mexican food lunch, drinks and raffle prizes.

Please RSVP if you are a Warrior’s Society volunteer and would like to attend.


From Ryan Cordero the Park Ranger II at Caspers Wilderness Park:

As many of you know, I am the new Park Ranger at Caspers Wilderness Park. I am primarily focused on the backcountry areas of the park, including the 30+ miles of trails, which make for great hiking, biking and equestrian recreation. As an active hiker, mountain biker and equestrian, I understand the various needs and desires of these primary trail users. I have spoken to some of you regarding a revitalization of trail volunteers at the park.

I am currently recruiting park volunteers to participate in the parks new “Backcountry Volunteer Unit”. This unit would be focused primarily on trail maintenance and exotic plant eradication throughout the park. follow this link for ocparks.com recruitment:


I am looking for general/long term volunteers to join this unit. Upon completion of the adopt a park general volunteer application and live scan process, volunteers will be invited to attend an 8 hr “Trail Maintenance for Volunteers” course where they will earn a certificate of completion sanctioned by the Southern California Trails Coalition. This certification will enable them to join the Caspers Park “Backcountry Volunteer Unit” and will ensure a standard of training accepted by other government agencies such as the United States Forest Service and California State Parks.

I am very excited about this new unit, but need your help to make it a success. Please refer any interested volunteers who might be interested in joining this “Backcountry Unit”. Any additional recruitment postings or forwarding of this e-mail would also be appreciated. I look forward to working with you all in the near future. Happy Trails!

Ryan Cordero
Park Ranger II
Caspers Wilderness Park
Harbors, Beaches and Parks
County of Orange
(949) 923-2208-Office
(714) 277-9023-Mobile

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