02/26/07 Warrior’s Society News

In this issue:

1. The Mountain Bike Pow Wow is this Saturday

2. Candace Oathout appointed our National Legislative Representative


Though rain is expected Tuesday it is not expected rain significantly enough to affect the event. The course is in exceptional shape, probably the best its’ been in years.

We will be issuing an expanded Pow Wow update to Vision Quest and Counting Coup Participants on Thursday.

We ask that if you intend on spectating anywhere in the National Forest that you buy a Forest Adventure Pass to avoid being ticketed and park legally to avoid being towed or creating a hazard for the participants and other spectators.

Holy Jim parking lot is very small (in size and scope of parking room available) due to bridge construction. Do not block the road or emergency vehicles will not be able to come through. Do not park blocking access to the cabins or you will be ticked by the Forest Service.

Please be courteous, drive safely and do not litter.


Candace Oathout has agreed to act as our National Legislative Representative. We are pleased that she has joined us. She has been involved in the issue of maintaining public access to public lands since 1991 and has a long-standing dedication to improving and expanding multiple-use trails. She has a strong commitment to helping all user groups to work together to achieve the goal of excellent trails experiences for all who seek them.

Ms. Oathout has worked on the local, state, and national level to support this goal. She has served as president of the Tijuana River Valley Equestrian Association, on the board of the San Diego Trails Council, was a presenter at the first International Trails Conference held in San Diego in 1998, and participated on Technical Working Groups, including the Warrior’s Society, convened as part of the process for updating U.S. Forest Service Management Plan Updates for the four National Forests in Southern California. She is currently the chairperson for CARE-USA, an advocacy group dedicated to supporting recreational activities on public lands.

Ms. Oathout has spent countless hours reading and providing written comments for many state and federal general plans and management plans. Her experience and writing abilities have been invaluable in bringing public access issues to the attention of land managers and elected officials. We look forward to using her talents in furthering our interests and helping our organization to develop a stronger national presence. Her first assignment will be to attend the National Bike Summit next month in Washington D.C. We look forward to her reports from the Summit.

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