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01/08/07 Warrior’s Society News

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We had a turnout of 34 volunteers brushing the Holy Jim Trail and got a lot of trail cleared on Saturday! We also had a club only trail work project brushing the Joplin Trail.

On Holy Jim we had crews working from top to bottom. Our crews removed two trees from the Main Divide just below the Saddle and removed another tree from the Lower Holy Jim Trail right below the Main Divide.

We did a good two year brushing on most of the Holy Jim Trail from above the Holy Jim Falls to where it crosses the Canyon. We just have to finish 4 of the Switchbacks and we shouldn’t have to brush this section for two years, which should allow us to concentrate on repairing the trail bed and switchbacks. Thanks to all our volunteers for their hard work!!!

And here is Ned’s “Lone Wolf” Reynolds’ report on the work done on Joplin:

After yesterday Joplin is in primo shape; you’ve been riding Joplin for years but you’ve NEVER seen it like this.

Calvin Mulder, Steve Timm, Keith Eckstein, Mark & Suzanne Wilson and I met @ the top of Maple Springs @ 7am.

We drove to the top of Joplin and parked there. We passed numerous riders going up Maple Springs doing their Vision Quest training. It was very windy & cold on top.

We cleared all the way to bottom of the rock garden before we had to turn around due to the PAL Rating of “D” .(no power tools after 1:00pm.)

Keith showed how to build Text-Book Water Bars while Steve and Calvin tossed brush and ran the hedgers. Mark and I ran the saws while Suzanne tossed brush.

Our next Trail Work Event will be on Saturday, January 20th. We will be meeting at the Holy Jim Trail Parking area working from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. We will be finishing up the Holy Jim Trail and brushing the West Horse Thief and Trabuco Trails.

If you can help us finish these trails please RSVP at:

Bring gloves and food and water to keep you going during the work. Lunch will be served after the work is completed at 2:00 p.m.

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01/02/07 Warrior’s Society News

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1. First Trail Work Event of 2007 – next Saturday, January 6th


Last year club members and volunteers brushed the Holy Jim, Trabuco, Chiquito, West Horse Thief, Bell Ridge and Los Pinos Trails. We also rerouted the ending of the Upper Holy Jim Trail to protect the spring and cistern at Bear Springs and to also prevent trail users from falling or getting hit by debris as they navigated this section of unstable trail. We also reinstalled three trail signs in the Blue Jay area. We hope to continue to keep our trails maintained in 2007 with your help.

For our first trail work event of 2007 we will be brushing the Holy Jim Trail from where the trail crosses the canyon about two +- miles below the Main Divide to down to the Holy Jim Falls junction. We have upgraded a lot of our hand tools to powered equipment, which has been a big help in increasing our efficiency.

We will meet at the Holy Jim Trail Parking Area at 8:00 a.m. and work until 2:00 p.m. Lunch and drinks will be provided after the trail work. Bring a pair of gloves, snacks and water for while you’re on the trail, a change of cloths (optional) and a chair to sit in during lunch. We would appreciate your help.

If you can help out RSVP to:

Our next two Trail Work Events will be Saturday, January 20th and Saturday, February 10th working on the Trabuco Trail and the West Horse Thief Trails and will be meeting at the same location as our first event. If you are unfamiliar with the staging area let us know when you RSVP and we will give you directions.

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