06/05/06 Warrior’s Society News

In this issue:

1. The SHARE El Moro Poker Ride

2. Warning regarding safety at the Blue Jay Campground

3. 24-Hour Finishing Times and write-up to be posted later this week


This year’s annual El Moro Poker Ride, presented by The Path Bike
Shop, is this weekend, Sat. June 10th starting at 8am. If you are not yet registered please go to SHARE Mountain Bike Club’s website.

and do so soon.

There will only be registration at the event if we do not sell out before this Thursday. This year’s prizes are bigger and better than ever including a full suspension mountain bike from KHS and a bike frame from The Path Bike Shop.

Something else new this year is cold beer from New Belgium Brewing
Co. Come and have the familiar Fat Tire Amber Ale or try their new lighter Skinny Dip. Please note that beer will only be sold as part of a lunch package which includes a hot dog, chips and two 12oz beers for $8.00.

After the ride, which covers trails in El Moro and Laguna Coast Wilderness Park, we will be raffling off over 50 great prizes. For the kids there will be a bike safety clinic and short mountain bike ride followed by a plant and animal presentation by Crystal Cove’s
Interpretive Ranger, Winter Bonnin.

There should be some nice cool ocean breezes in the park but please remember to bring some sunscreen and don’t forget a beach chair for the raffle and lunch.

See you on Sat.

Keith Eckstein,
SHARE President


We received the following email from Dawn Celepino:

“I just wanted to share an experience we had at Blue Jay campground so you can warn your friends about camping there. My friends and I went up over the Memorial Day weekend and we (Jim, my friend and I) left Sunday. My two other friends and their 3 month old baby stayed Sunday night.

I guess a bunch of kids came in and terrorized the campground in the middle of the night. They tore my friend’s camp apart, burnt their chairs, all of their wood, and tore apart all of their kitchen stuff (thank god their bikes were locked up). I guess the terrorists saw the baby bottles in the campsite so they said not to “jump on the tent” to just tear up the camp. The guys beat up the 4 guys in the next camp site and tore down their tent.

They were driving through the campground blasting music and terrorizing all of the campers. One of the campers left and called the sheriff’s dept but nobody ever came. My friend called at 5 a.m. and when the sheriff finally showed up they basically just made the guys leave. They were on drugs and really drunk.

The cops told my friends to never go up there without a gun because this happens a lot. Another camper came up and told my friends that this is the 3rd time that this has happened to him in that campground over the last few years and that he will never go there again.

Just wanted to give you the scoop because I know you all camp. Who would ever think that you would have to deal w/ that crap while camping. It really sucks.

Dawn Celapino”

It is sad to read about Dawn’s friends experience but due to the remoteness of the campground people feel, rightly that they can raise hell and get away with it; this is not an isolated occurrence. The Forest Service is understaffed with only two law enforcement officers patrolling the whole forest and the sheriff’s about 45 minutes or more away so you’re pretty much on your own.

Debra Clark of the Forest Service recommends that WHENEVER anything happens such as this they should ALWAYS contact forest law enforcement as well as 911. The number for Dispatch is (619)-557-5262 Even if they do not arrive in time, documenting the information helps to confirm the need to more coverage.


We will post the results and write-up for the Rock N Road / Sho-Air / Specialized 24-Hour of Orange County later this week. You’ll be amazed at the amount of laps and the total elevation these solo riders and teams were able to accomplish in the 95 to 100 degree heat.

Thanks to everyone who participated in and helped to support one of the toughest 24-Hour Events this year.

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