12/18/05 Warrior’s Society News

In this issue:

1. Christmas / Thanks Ride Write up and photos

2. Robin and Jane Lemonds “retire” from the SHARE Mountain Bike Club

3. Saddleback Church Bike Harvest – Putting used bikes to good use

4. Positions left in the Vision Quest and Counting Coup

5. Bell Ridge Trail Work Photos


We all had a great time at our annual Christmas / Thanks ride on December 10th. Here’s the write up:


Many thanks to all our 2004-2005 Trail Work Season Volunteers; the record rains of this year really worked us – and the trails.

In 2006 we are really beefing up our powered trail work equipment. We have purchased two gas powered hedge trimmers and intend to purchase two more, which combined with the two we now own will give us a total of six. A gas powered hedge trimmer, in the proper hands, can do the brushing work of 20 volunteers.

We also intend to purchase 4 additional gas powered weed wackers (with Teflon blades) to cut back the low lying poison oak. Over the years we’ve really cut back the biggest poison oak plants encroaching on the trail, but the low lying “feelers” are always a problem – and the weed wackers make short work of them.

The additional gas powered equipment will save us tons of time on brushing the front country trails such as Holy Jim, Trabuco and West Horse Thief. The time saved on the front country trails will allow us to focus on our back country trails, such as Los Pinos, Joplin and Bell Ridge. The back country trails are in dire need of brushing and we hope to completely brush all of them in 2006.

Ned “Lone Wolf” Reynolds has already completed two brushing projects on Los Pinos and it’s now passable. The Warrior’s Society may go back in late May to give a final “spring brushing” to cut back the addition spring growth before summer. John “Keeps What Happened” Early has already been brushing the lower sections of Bell Ridge. We will be brushing that trail in early spring.

We truly appreciate all you our supporters; we’ve accomplished a lot in the past year and with your help we will accomplish much more in 2006.

AKA “Dances With Hornets


Robin and Jane Lemonds, who resurrected the SHARE Mountain Bike Club a few years ago, are “retiring” from SHARE. Through their leadership of SHARE (and Robin’s status as a Director and Elder in the Warrior’s Society) Robin and Jane have worked tirelessly to advance the sport of mountain biking in the State and County park system; many thanks to them both.

Here are a few heartfelt words from Robin (which the Warrior’s Society fully supports):

I have heard it said recently that SHARE, under my leadership has not done enough to curtail the use of illegal trails in local State and County Parks. Personally, I guess I don’t know what “enough” means.

This club has made huge steps toward improving the reputation of the great sport of mountain biking and promoting responsible trail use in Orange County. We have formed productive relationships with the rangers and land managers of local State and County parks.

Our members have given thousands of hours of their time to trail maintenance and stewardship projects. We facilitated changes in the laws regarding rain closures. We have served on the boards of interpretive associations, community service organizations and other advocacy groups like the Warrior’s Society, Trails4All and IMBA.

We fixed fences, and built new trails including some specifically for equestrians. We also closed some short cut trails that were damaging the habitat. We built kiosks and fixed broken signs. We organized awareness events and setup educational information booths in the parks. We repaired and donated bikes to child advocacy programs.

We gave presentations on responsible trail use at local colleges in their naturalist classes. We created the rider identification and the helmet discount programs. We offered trail crew supervision training, CPR and First Aid. We organized three trail patrol programs with a total of over 50 patrollers.

These things involved hours upon hours of paperwork, grants, permits, a gaggle of meetings and literally thousands of emails, postal mailings, and you know what, we did it all with VOLUNTEERS!!! No body got paid for it unless you consider the great feeling of gratification as payment. Fortunately many of us do and that’s why I am so proud to have been a part of this club. Not enough? – Bull! We did plenty and we will keep doing it.

“Put me back on my bike”
Tom Simpson (last words)

See you in the dirt!

Robin Lemonds, President
SHARE Mountain Bike Club

SHARE’s new officers are Keith Eckstein as president, Paul Miller as Vice-President, Ken Rands as Treasurer and Sheryl Condon as Secretary and Volunteer Coordinator.


Did Santa Bring you a new bike? Got a spare in your garage?

Donate it to the Saddleback Church Bike Harvest. We’re collecting bikes you don’t need…to give to people in need.


* Must be rideable (We’ll fix flats, but that’s about it. This is not a bike disposal service!)

* Two-wheel bikes only (No trikes or unicycles please!)

* All sizes are OK (adult or child), all types OK (mountain, road or


Bike helmets, tubes, tires, spare parts


Saturday, January 21st from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 a.m.


Saddleback Church – 1 Saddleback Pkwy, Lake Forest, CA. – To get there enter off Portola Pkwy (between El Toro Road and the 241 Toll Road). Turn onto Saddleback Pkwy, then turn right at the 1st drive into the Ministry Center. Look for the banner on our collection truck.

Donated bikes will be given to several organizations including: the Orange County Rescue Mission, KidWorks Santa Ana and the OC Sheriff Community Service Program.

Saddleback Mountain Bike Fellowship is a sports ministry of Saddleback Community Church in Lake Forest, CA. For more information or to volunteer to help in our Bike Harvest, contact Gregg Howard at:


Thank you for your support!

Gregg Howard


To help those considering participating in the 2006 Vision Quest and Counting Coup (the 2006 Mountain Bike Pow Wow Events) we are going to be doing weekly updates on the positions left in each of the events:

Vision Quest – 62 spots left (150 total)

Counting Coup – 39 spots left (100 total)

We are getting on average about 15 to 20 applications a week and hope to sell out the events by mid-January. Bike Magazine will be doing a story on the Vision Quest in their March issue that will be coming out in late January or early February; if there are any spots left this article will probably fill us up.

In addition to downloading the Vision Quest and Counting Coup apps off our web site, or registering through Acive.com, you can also register for the Pow Wow Events at Switchback Cyclery in Orange. Switchback Cyclery is located in Orange at 8530 E. Chapman (at Prospect Avenue on the southeast corner about a mile and a half east of the 55 Freeway). Their phone number is (714) 628-3913.

We are in the process of negotiating with two other bike shops in Orange County to be the named sponsors of our other 2006 Events. We will be negotiating with those shops to also allow registration at their shop locations for the events they sponsor.

Here’s the info to download apps and to register on Active.com:

To download an app for the Vision Quest go to:


To register for the Vision Quest on Active.com go to:


To download an app for the Counting Coup go to:


To register for the Counting Coup on Active.com go to:


Your event confirmation will have additional event information including a course description.


Club member John Early started working on the part lower Bell Ridge Trail. He started at the last big lookout hill before you drop into Robinson Ranch and worked uphill. He only used loppers since He rode in from his house. He worked for a little over two hours on the trail with about two hours ingress/egress time. The bypass trail at this lookout point was completely overgrown at the western end so he started there. He cleared it and some other sections on the next big hill.

There is a big washout (that drops down about 3 feet) down lower at the start of the trail that needs re-working but he needed more equipment for that.

John took some shots and posted them here:


The Dog Soldiers will be continuing the brushing, repairing and rehabilitation of the Bell Ridge Trail in 2006.

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