11/14/05 Warrior’s Society News

In this issue:

1. The Switchback 6-Hours of Orange County write up and results

2. Pow Wow (Vision Quest and Counting Coup) registration is now open

3. Letters needed in support of the Southern California Forest Plans

4. Los Pinos Trail Maintenance Event

5. Public fossil tour of Silverado Canyon


We have the write-up and the results (the link to the results are at the end of the write-up) of the Switchback 6-Hours of Orange County posted on our web site at:


In 2006 we will be crowning a Female and Male Orange County Mountain Bike Champion. Points will be earned for each of the competitive Warrior’s Society events held at the Flying B Ranch:

April 22nd – The Cytomax Spring Mountain Bike Classic (250 rider limit)

June 3rd – The 24-Hours of Orange County (250 rider limit)

October 21st – The Switchback 6-Hours of Orange County (250 rider limit)

November 18th – The Fall Mountain Bike Classic (250 rider limit)

Our distance events, the March 4th Warrior’s Society Vision Quest (150 rider limit) and Counting Coup (100 rider limit), will not be counted in the championship events.

We will also have our fun event, the Toad Festival, on May 13th (250 rider limit)

$2,000 in cash prizes will be awarded by the Warrior’s Society and the Flying B to the top 3 men and top 3 women racers at the last event of the 2006 season.

Top male and female – $600 each
2nd male and female – $250 each
3rd male and female – $150 each

The Warrior’s Society and Switchback Cyclery thanks all those that participated in and helped to support the event. We received a lot of great feedback from you that we will be incorporating in all our 2006 Events at the Flying B Ranch.

It is our goal to continue to bring quality grass roots racing to Orange County and with your participation, support and feedback together we can make this Vision come true.

The Warrior’s Society and Switchback asks you to support our contributing sponsors as well as our race team and major events sponsors; Shimano, Manitou, Cytomax, Clif Bar, The Other Room Web Design, the Path Bike Shop and the Flying B Ranch.

See you at the 2006 Pow Wow,

AKA “Dances With Hornets”
Executive Director
The Warrior’s Society


Registration for our next event “The 2006 Mountain Bike Pow Wow” to be held on Saturday, March 4th is now open. The Mountain Bike Pow Wow consists of two events;

The Vision Quest – 56.5 miles with 11,000 feet of total elevation gain and 2 miles of hike a bike.

The Counting Coup – 40 miles with 8,000 feet of total elevation gain.

Participation is limited to 250 (150 Vision Quest and 100 Counting Coup) and we sell out every year so if you are up to the challenge register ASAP to insure a spot in one of the events.

We offer an early start option for those who feel they need a little more time to make the cutoffs. Those wanting an extra hour may participate in our 5:00 a.m. early start. This year WE WILL NOT have an early start shuttle from the staging area to the start; YOU MUST TRANSPORT YOURSELF TO THE START AND PRE-REGISTER AT SWITCHBACK CYCLERY THE THURSDAY OR FRIDAY BEFORE THE EVENT TO RECEIVE YOUR NUMBER PLATE AND EVENT T-SHIRT.

Those starting at the regular 6:00 start will be shuttled to the start or have the option to drive them selves to the start. If regular starters want to drive themselves to the start they must also pre-register at Switchback Cyclery.

To save everyone time we are encouraging everyone, no matter when you are starting, to pre-register at Switchback Cyclery the Thursday and Friday before the event to receive your number plate and event t-shirt. This would save all of us tons of time the morning of the event. We will not have pre-registration at O’Neill Park the Friday evening before the event.

The active.com registration has some incorrect info that our web master will be correcting shortly. The staging area will be at O’Neill Regional Park, not the Flying B and the pre-registration times on March 2nd and 3rd at Switchback Cyclery will be from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Remember, we will not be doing pre-registration at O’Neill Park Friday night.

Your event confirmation will have additional event information including a course description.

To download an app for the Vision Quest go to:


To register for the Vision Quest on Active.com go to:


To download an app for the Counting Coup go to:


To register for the Counting Coup on Active.com go to:



The Center for Biological Diversity, a radical anti-access organization, is initiating a letter writing campaign to Regional Forester Bernie Weingardt, the top Forest Service official in California, to oppose the new Forest Plans.

Mountain bikers need to write our own letters to him in support of the forest plans. When writing your letters be sure and give your name and address, the forest your recreate in, and state that you are a mountain biker that supports the chosen plans.

Send your letters to:

Bernie Weingardt
Regional Forester
USDA Forest Service – R5
1323 Club Drive
Vallejo, CA 94592

Please do your part to support the Forest Service and protect your access.


The Warrior’s Society Dog Soldiers, led by Ned “Lone Wolf” Reynolds, will be brushing the Los Pinos Trail, one of the most challenging backcountry trails in the Trabuco District.

When: Saturday November 19th.

Where: Meet @ the San Juan Parking lot @ 7am. This is going to be a long day so we need to start early.

Game Plan: Split up into two crews. One crew will shuttle to the top and work down. The other crew will work from the Bottom. If anyone can’t make the 7am start time then they can start from the bottom. I will supply the loppers and power tools.

Special Notes: This trail is overgrown, even by Los Pinos standards. I and others would like to shape this trail up prior to the long Thanksgiving/Turkey Burn Weekend.

Why: Because it’s one of the best & toughest Trails in the Cleveland National Forest and currently it’s beyond overgrown.

What to bring: Bring enough water and food for a 7 hour day. I suggest long pants and long sleeve shirt. We’ll provide the tools including some power tools.

Notes: If you have never done Los Pinos, on your Bike, this would be a perfect time to come out and see for yourself one of OCs best and toughest trails.

Please be aware that since we’ll be using commercial power hedge trimmers to do the brushing we may be forced to postpone the work if the Santa Ana winds (that are expected this week) lower the moisture content raising the risk of an accidental fire.

Please reply to Ned Reynolds at elr1@sbcglobal.net if you can help us out.


Ever wanted to have the paleontological resources of the Riviera area of Silverado Canyon identified and explained by experts? Here’s your chance to take a short walk sixty million years into the past, in an area renowned for its fossil resources. Join us on November 20th in Silverado Canyon for a free tour guided by geologist Lee Shoemaker and Professor Richard Behl of the Department of Geological Sciences at California State University Long Beach. Do you have any unusual or unidentified fossils or rocks you’d like examined? Bring them along! Meet across the street from the Silverado Community Center, 27641 Silverado Canyon Road, at 9 AM.

Mike Boeck
Santa Ana Mountains Natural History Association

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