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The Cytomax Spring Mountain Bike Classic

course description

This cross country event will take place on a 5.8 mile loop with 1,362 feet of elevation gain per lap.

Pros will average around 45 minute laps and beginners over 1 hour laps.


Skill Level

Novice - races 1 Lap
Intermediate - races 2 Lap
Expert - races 3 Laps

Age Group

16 and under
17 to 30
31 to 45
46 and up
(Special recognition to be given to the oldest rider)

There is also an open Single Speed class limited to expert riders only.

If there are not more than 3 riders registered in any single age grouping for a specific event the rider/s will get moved up to the next age grouping.

The entry fee is $30 for Novice and $45 for Intermediate and Expert.

A t-shirt, prizes and lunch are included.


» Map to the Flying "B"
» Geoladders course overview
» 2006 Race Results

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