2001 Vision Quest Finishing Times

52.5 miles and 11,500 feet of total elevation gain

Name: Time: Comments
Cameron Brenneman 5:03 Holds new course time accounting for the course differences when the previous time was made. All future times will be based on this time.
Emilio Cervantes 5:23 Third fastest time allowing for the above.
Brent Prenzlow 5:30
James Hahn 5:38 Consistent top 5 finisher. Society member
Travis Hughes 5:45
Jeff Sanford 5:51
Jay Henderson 5:52
Damon Roberson 6:03
Carl Bauer 6:05 Society founding member.
Jimmy Clark 6:14  
Gregory Barr 6:18
Tim Norrie 6:24 Great finishing time considering he had 4 flats.
Wayne Rapp 6:29
Daniel King 6:35
James Server 6:39
Eric Schuda 6:48
Todd Brown 6:50 Society member and staff writer for Smoke Signals
Spencer Hurtt 6:52
Jeroen BosBoom 6:58
Robert Rich 7:05
Todd Udall 7:06
James Gapp 7:15
Andrew Lazenby 7:24
Steve Timm 7:29
Andy Lightle 7:33 First in single speed class. No suspension front or back
Jeff Bartel 7:33
Tom Taylor 7:35 Society Member
Martin Greer 7:48
Andy Darragh 7:48
Mark Krotine 7:50
Mark Friis 7:52 Society Nominee - soon to be member.
Doria Henderson 7:58 First female and daughter of Jerry Henderson, Big Bear Rep for the Society.
Jeff Nelson 7:59
Tony Zarinelli 8:02
Tomoko Maruyama 8:04
Chris Francoeur 8:11
Ken Sage 8:11
James Maliksi 8:11
Scott Fischer 8:12
Joseph Kederis 8:26
Wayne Hunter 8:26
Noland Ballard 8:32 Rode single speed. No suspension front or back
Karl Hasenjaeger 8:32
Tani Walling 8:35
Ned Reynolds 8:37 Society member.
John Williams 8:38
David Hertwig 8:42
Colleen Rashford Friis 8:44  Society member.
Ronald Sawicki 8:45
Tam Pham 8:45 Rode single speed - no suspension front or back.
Rob Heather 8:46
Winston Walker 8:54
Danie Miller 9:30
Mike Dussinger 9:45 Society Nominee - soon to be member. Youngest ever to finish.
Larry Branham 9:45 Society Nominee - soon to be member
Tom Sherman 9:45 Time does not reflect ability. Tom was our sweep over the whole course. Club Co-founder and Elder/Chief
Robin Lemonds 9:59 Society Nominee - soon to be member. President of MAMBA
Ken Mooty 11:00 Society Nominee - soon to be member
Jesse Vargas 11:00 Society member and appointed Chief
Dave Goldstein 10:45 Society member and Safety Czar
Eric Kinscher 14:15 Hiked the Vision Quest route starting at 9:00 Friday night. Society member know as "Flies Down The Mountain"
Mitch Kovacevich DNF
Mark Disman DNF
Gregory Yent DNF
Harry Boessler DNF
Garry Cassidy DNF
Sean Isbell DNF
Glenn Gronsky DNF
William Boehmke Jr. DNF
Donald Jackson DNF
Jeff Good DNF
Corey King DNF
Rob Brown DNF
Clint Wayland DNF
Jon Grant DNF
Howard Stanley DNF
Jay Lennon DNF
David Haynes DNF
Rick Archbold DNF
Mick Donoff DNF
Pete Kirkham DNF
Derek Melberg DNF
David Ross DNF
Ramon Dacquel DNS
Gregg Howard DNS
John Stuetzel DNS
Brian Stockdale DNS
Troy Tarr DNS

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