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Warrior's Society 2004 Pow Wow DVD

This DVD chronicals the Vision Quest and Counting coup event that was held on March 6th, 2004. From the early starters to the last climb up West Horsethief you can follow the riders as they compete in one of the most difficult mountain bike events around.


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The DVD includes:

» Interviews with the people that started it all
» a 3D animated flyover of the entire course
» Helmet-cam footage that shows you the rider's point of view
» Race participants sharing their pain on camera
» All the blood, sweat and cramps that you'd expect


The original soundtrack includes music by nouveau flamenco guitarist Amir from his albums "Rumba Gitana" and "Intimacy" as well as music from the electronica/rock group Edison Suit from their albums "the ones who keep the machine functioning smoothly" and their newest release "β".



The Quicktime player is available as a free download from Apple.

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