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Troy nets two more 1st place finishes at Cal State Race, Santa Barbara

Written by James Sladeck

Troy at the XC start We signed up for 3 events, cross country long and short course, and downhill. Troy and I got there the night before, rode the XC course and stayed till dark practicing DH hiking up the course over and over. The DH course was 100% man made with jumps and berms throughout. It was very similar to what I was going to build at the Flying B Ranch.

Troy started off racing cross country in the morning, 2 laps at 10 miles total. He raced local boys and one of them was supposed to be pretty good and we were looking forward to it. Troy took the lead early on and ended up winning by at least 20 minutes.

We were practicing for the downhill overlooking the short course and there was not time to run down the mountain, change gear, switch bikes, race the short course, change gear, switch bikes and race downhill. Instead Taryn, Troy's sister, took his spot and Troy and I watched from the top of the hill yelling and screaming. She did great on Troy's spare bike.

What can I say, practice makes perfect. Troy did so well clearing a 12 foot double, railing the berms and hitting the jumps he easily won 1st place in the downhill. It was a two run format and on the second run got the exact same time of 2:21. We were so happy it was a safe and fun race and I was stoked that his times reflected his consistent disciplined manner of staying in control and navigating all of the obstacles.

Troy on a jump on the DH course We are so happy for the people/companies that support us:

Santa Cruz Syndicate Jr. Development--More important than the 5th wheel trailer, uniforms and great bikes, Troy loves hanging out with the kids and they are all very good to Troy. He's the youngest by several years and am glad they treat him so well. They go to all of the Norba National Races. If you're there, stop by and say hi.

The Warriors Society/The Path Bike Shop--Tani and the crew take care of us on all Troy's parts which allow us to run top of the line parts on all of his bikes!!!! Troy is comped at all of their events and proudly wears his WS jersey.

Olympic Powder Coating--- They make Troy's bikes look so cool and even coated his bullit and parts for free!!!

Arrow Racing ---- They have super light rims, tires and tubes in 24" that Troy needs--we get the sponsored athlete prices!!


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