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Leslie takes 1st place at the Sea Otter

Leslie at the Sea Otter finish

Story by Leslie Williams

This race was incredible. The weather and mud were discouraging, but as soon as I hit those classic Sea Otter trails I knew it was going to be a blast.

I was dead last, way off the back as usual on the race track, but within 20 minutes or so I saw that classic green and yellow Kelly jersey. I was floored that I even caught up to the famous Stella.

We rode the whole first lap together and talked about life! So cool. She wants to be a teacher so we have a lot in common. That girl can climb!!! She inspired me to grunt out the muddy steep climbs that were so tempting to walk.

Eventually however, she began to slow down, so I took off. I couldn't believe what was happening!

Erik, Cathy, Nancy, and Monique also did an amazing job out there. Congrats to everyone who raced!


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