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Troy's Last Official Race of the Year—2 California State Championships!!!!
Troy wins Cal State 10 and under Series State Championship and 4th in U.S.

Troy by James Sladeck

I was nervous the morning of the race because I knew that he had to win 1st, 2nd or 3rd place to be the state champion.  I knew he could win the race but I kept thinking he may get a flat tire, break a chain, crash or something like that.  Fortunately nothing bad happened.  Off the line and through the first mile he out-pedaled all of his competition and by the time he neared the finish line he was the winner by a long shot.

We had a great year----5 championships in all and we're excited about next year, especially the national championships in cross country and downhill.  Who knows, maybe we can make a world cup race or two????

Thanks to everyone who reads all of my emails and wishing him all of the best luck for the season.


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