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Troy Wins Both Races in Big Bear and gets his picture in a newspaper in Spain

By Jim Sladeck

Jim and Troy jumping Unfortunately, most of the kids must have been on vacation since the turnout was so bad. In his first race (the short course approx 3 miles), he was guaranteed a 1st place win since there were no other 10 and under kids. However in the long course (approx 9 miles), he did have a 10 year old boy to race against. Troy got him off the starting line and never looked back. He ended up beating him by 26 minutes and the course had some super steep uphill climbs and some pretty good downhill sections---Troy crashed once and cut his knee pretty good.

The good news is Troy raced and got enough points to guarantee him a 1st place victory/championship in the Amateur Cup!!!!!!!!!! Last year, Troy missed winning this championship series by 2 seconds and we were bummed.

He's only has 1 more race to be the California State Champion and as long as he wins, 1st, 2nd or 3rd, he'll get that title also.

Here are his last 3 races:

Sept 17th -- Mammoth Mountain -- For the National Championship
Sept 25th -- Big Bear -- Last AmCup race and awards for Series Champion
Oct 9th -- Big Bear -- Last Cal. State races, hopefully State Champion

I know many of you have expressed some interest in going to a race. If so, please set one of these dates aside and watch Troy make history as though youngest mountain biker ever to win any of these championships.

Troy would like to thank "The Path Bike" shop, Manitou, Shimano, Clif Bar, and Cytomax for sponsoring him and the Warriors Society Race Team.


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