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Monique places 4th at the World Cup, Quebec - 1st USA

Monique in Quebec

Well, this was an amazing race, over 600 riders and the female competition came from Spain, Italy (Paola Pezzo), Ireland, Brazil (Jaqueline Mourao), Switzerland (Louis Daniela), Canada (Lyne Bessette) and the USA.

It started behind the walls of the old fortified city of Quebec and within 12 miles they left the city for the rain soaked, muddy countryside of Quebec. Monique Worlds Quebec battled with a new league of riders and she found that she could hang! Monique's technical training gave her a new advantage and she was able to drop Bessette and some of the other top girls as it grew more and more rough. She ended up 4th (the highest US finish overall) at this, her first ever, World Cup event.

We went into this event thinking that it would be a small local Canadian event, we we're very surprised when we found out who was in attendance. She learned and feels very excited about competing at future events of this level.

Muddy Monique We will be putting up a website soon and she will be posting her own detailed story of the race. The site will also be very dedicated to our sponsors and promoting their products. This will be a professionally built site that we think you will love, more soon.

As far as the bike for this race we chose the HCR, we got the weight down as far as we could, this turned out to be a good move due to all the hike-a-bike sections.

Finally, I made a bad mistake as a manager and did not pay attention to the schedule. We missed the podium and the UCI officials were not too happy, but after much apologizing they let it go. We are so sorry that there is no podium pic, but I am sending some of what I got. Also Bike Magazine will becoming out with a story on Monique for there next issue! We are way stoked!

Thanks for everything!

-Ron & Pua

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