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Troy Rides/Races 24 miles this weekend!
Two 1st place victories again this weekend in Big Bear

Race start

By Jim Sladeck

Saturday Troy and I rode with the "Young Braves" from the Warriors Society hoping to get in a few easy miles. We ended up riding 10 miles in El Moro with some steep hill climbs. I made Troy slow down to keep his legs ready for Sunday.

Sunday in Big Bear:

Short Course-----Troy lined up behind all the big kids and had about 6 or 7 kids in his age group (10 and under). The boy that won 2nd place gave Troy a hard fight on the first hill as he Troy downhill sprinted up at a fast pace. Troy patiently waited until just before the top, passed him and jammed down the next hill never looking back. He won by about 30 seconds.

Long Course----I couldn't believe when I asked the guy in charge of the race how long the kids course was and he said "there is no kids course" just the regular cross country loop that the adults have to race. Usually there is a turnoff/shortcut for the 14 year olds and under. When he told me that the course was 12 miles, I looked at Troy on the starting line and said, "I'm sorry" it's going to be a long race. He could have cared less. Barb rode it with him and he beat about half the kids (age 14 and under) and even passed up some beginner men and women along the way.

Troy podium

Troy is the currently leading the California State Series and Amateur Cup in both the short and long course races, if he wins them, he will be the youngest racer to ever win any of these 4 titles.

Next Race----July 9th in Lake Tahoe


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