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Lacey Wins Spring Fling Series

Lacey on the course at Fontana

By Darin Maxwell

On Saturday Lacey and I went to Fontana to race in her third and final Spring Fling race. For her to win the series, she needed to race all three races. With the temps predicted to be in the high 90's, I had told her that we would go out there Saturday morning, ride around a bit, and make the decision then.

Saturday morning was HOT! After riding around some, she decided that she would give it a shot. Most of you that have ridden with me when it's hot, know what a big sissy I become. For me anything above 75 degrees is uncomfortable. The reason I mention this is because since Lacey was going to tough it out, I was going to too. I entered the Over 200 pound class. Now about half way through the race, as I was feeling like someone had stuffed me in an oven, I began to Lacey on the podium worry about Lacey. Did I make the right choice by giving her the OK to race? She just keeps on surprising me with how tough she really is! As we lined up at the start of the race, Kim, the girl that won the 35-44 B/W class the previous race, and had beat Lacey by 3 minutes, lined up with us. She said that the other girl that had raced last time, felt that the course was a little to tough, and decided not to race there again, so, it was just going to be her and Lacey.

Now, imagine my surprise as I was waiting to get a picture of Lacey riding down the steep chute towards the end of the race, and she gets there first! She almost crashed, but saved it by tripoding at the bottom. I hurried back over to the finish line just in time to see her crossing. I told her that I didn't remember seeing the other lady come by yet. She say's "that's because I passed her a little while back, and was able to stay in front of her." Lacey ended up beating her by the three minutes she had lost to her by the last race. Her finishing time was 1 hour 31 minutes. That's a little slower than the previous race, but in that heat, I was proud of her for just finishing!

What a great way to finish the series! The next SRC race is in November, and Lacey will be there for sure. Rim Nordic is next.

-"Crash Dad" Maxwell

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