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Troy takes dual 1st place wins at the
Snow Summit AM Cup #1 - Sunday, May 22nd

Troy on the course

By Jim Sladeck

Jr. Olympic Short Course - 1st place: This is an approximate 1 mile special made track just for kids age 14 and under. Depending on the difficulty of the course and weather conditions, the race officials determine how many laps the kids will do (usually 2 or 3). The time is around 20 minutes. It is supposed to be relatively flat and non-technical. It ranges from grass, asphalt, single track and fireroads. The short course usually starts about an hour before the adult XC races.

On the first technical climb, Troy was one of the only kids who didn't have to get off and walk his bike. It was a tough hill; it took him 3 tries in practice to make it. Troy rode smooth on all of the downhill sections. One time he was going pretty fast, grabbed a hand full of back brake, slide around a corner and jammed up the next hill. I was right behind him and watched and was very impressed. Troy likes chasing the older and bigger kids that are not in his class.

Troy on the podium Jr. Olympic Long Course 1st place: This is approximately 8-9 miles long and is the same course that all of the XC riders (even the Pros) race on. If the regular XC course is longer, than they have a "bobcat" turn off (short cut) for the Jr. Racers. Sections of this race can be very difficult, water crossings, technical single track up and down the course. The downhill is usually all or part of the Super D course. They are last in line to start the race.

The Jr. Olympic races are only broken down in age categories, not by class. They are 10 and under, 11, 12, 13 and 14 years old. All ages line up at the starting line and race together even though they are only racing the other kids in their class. The long course qualifies for the US national championships in Mammoth and winners are allowed to go to the nationals to compete. Both have their own series champions and each have a points system just like the XC races for adults.

Besides being hot out, this race was at 8,000 feet and required some good climbing. It took him about an hour and a half to complete this race. Mom rode it with him and they both got a good workout!!!

Troy's competitors didn't stay for the awards, Troy got 2 medals and even some hugs from the Team Big Bear staff.

Troy is racing in the Amateur Cup Series and the California State Series in both the short and long courses. Although the short course is very competitive with lots of kids, very few 10 year olds are able to race the long course. There is not much competition.


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