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Lacey's Spring Fling Race #2

Lacey's second win at Fontana

By Lacey Maxwell

On Saturday (May 30th) I got first place in Fontana, AGAIN!

It was easier and I didn't get as tired as before. My goal was to keep up with the older women. There were two entered in the 35-44 BW, and I heard one of them say that the last time she did a race, her time was 1hr&34mins. During the beginning of the race, I got in front of her for a while. The big climb in the middle is when she caught me. The downhills don't scare me as much anymore, EXCEPT for the concrete ones. I get a little freaked out 'cause I think I might slip! One downhill that I couldn't make when my dad and I were warming up that morning, I made when I was racing. I knew that I could make it so I just went for it! It felt REALLY GOOD!

I crossed the finish line at 1hr&19mins. That is seven minutes FASTER than my last race, and I was only three minutes behind the older women. The lady that won the Sport woman's class apologized if she freaked me out while we were going downhill. She also gave me some advice, and congratulated me.

I get tired of racing myself, so next time I hope there is another girl to race against. I love racing!


P.S. Thank you Tani for helping me by sponsoring me. The Path is #1! =)

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