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Another proud dad story

By Darin Maxwell

Ok, here I go with another PROUD Dad story.

Yesterday my oldest daughter Lacey (12 years old) made an attempt to do the Counting Coup. After getting her up out of bed at 2:30 am, (we did the 5 am early start) we headed out for a morning of adventure. After a couple of pictures with friends, we lined up with everyone and were ready to go. About half way up the pavement we both realize that we didn't buckle up our helmets. There goes the group!
Lacey on the main divide
Now riding pretty much by ourselves, we start hitting the MUD. Not just any mud, but the kind of sticky mud that gets a hold on to your tires and says "WHOA, where do you think you're going so fast"? Lacey was able to ride through a couple of these spots, but there were a couple that I had to carry her bike and push my Coiler through it. After getting through the major slop, we started the real climbs. It seemed as if we were trying to climb a road covered with glue. I made it a point to remind her that we were not the only ones dealing with the conditions.

After reaching Beeks place, we took a short break and headed on. I cannot put into words how proud I am of her efforts along the Main Divide. I know alot of you saw me riding along side of her, pedaling and pushing her up the hill. Some may look at that as cheating. For those people I would have to ask, "what were you doing when YOU were 12?" She expected it to be hard, and then found out what hard is all about. She never once quit smiling, or ever even mentioned turning around and going back!

After realizing she was not going to make the cutoff time, I mentioned that there was always next year. That is if you even want to keep doing these long rides. She says to me, "oh yeah, I really like the long rides, they're FUN!" When we hit the Motorway, I thought it was gonna take a looong time to WALK down this. Man, what was I thinking? She RODE the whole thing with the exception of the steep chute-rut at the top. After that, she had probably 4 dabs, with one ALMOST crash, and a stop to let the feeling come back to my hands "break". "What's the name of this trail? I really like it", is what she says to me about half way down. Once we hit the end, she was still ALL SMILES! She asked me how far she had gone, and I told her around 20 miles. "COOL!", she says!

A BIG thanks to Chris V. and the Warrior's Society for another great event, and to ALL my freinds at The Path for giving Lacey so much encouragement. I don't know what I did to deserve her, but I sure am thankfull!

-"Crash Daddy" Maxwell

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